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  • john john Sep 17, 2012 13:09 Flag

    reading- another awful performance

    Interesting how people have different perceptions to what they see..I thought they were good substitutions. Although Hudds is not everyone's fav, he can spot a pass, and it allowed Dembele to move forward. If it had been Livermore ( I know he wasnt on the bench ) then that would off been more a case off shutting up shop IMO. Dempsey for Bale? still an attacking threat, likewise Townsend for Lennon, so I didnt see it as defensive changes, more like the player's mentallity to drop deeper in last 20 minute's or so. If Daffy hadnt scored 2, I would off give Vertongen M.o.M, starting to settle, cool, calm, and classy.

    • If AVB said to T'Hudd - 'ok, sit and hold with Sandro and tell Dembele to push on' and act as a QB - then I totally agree, as that gave the team the best of both worlds - T'Hudd's (long range) passing (he hit a gem out to the right wing), with the goal threat of Dembele. It just appears defensive - an attacking midfielder off and a defensive midfielder on.