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  • JEFFALL JEFFALL Sep 17, 2012 19:41 Flag

    reading- another awful performance

    Evening fellow Yids.
    Get in you SPURS.
    Loved it,the first of many wins to come.
    Enjoyed every miniute of it,but would have felt a bit more comfortable going ing in at half time with 2 under our belt especially as we had created enough chances.
    Thought we we looked a little congested in the middle at times and was hoping we would use the wings a bit more.
    Would of liked to see Dempsey get more playing time as we all know he loves a goal and would like to see if he could link up with Daffy.
    The bench looked awesome and must be great for AVB knowing that he can change things around with strength and ability in abundence.
    Would love to see Daws and Vert as a pairing and although Gallas might have the edge on pace,Daws would give 200% and put his head in places some would fear to put a foot.
    Shame we conceded the late goal but on the whole a great win and a big weight lifted off AVBs shoulders.
    Remember we've only lost 1 player and brought in 3 good ones and i'm sure AVB given time can work some MAGIC.


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    • Jeff,
      (and please no one take this as a dig at Daffy)
      I think both Bale and Lemmon didn't 'purposely' play their usual game down the wing. I would hazard a guess it was done by AVB to try to get the best from Daffy. It seemed to work - and as Daffy said, if he has players who can get close to him, he's not isolated as the striker.
      That may be tosh though, as Bale was tending to drift in last season with Ade playing as well.

    • I hear you Jeffall,

      It was a good display and we should have been 2 or 3 up by HT, on another day we may have been punished for wasting that number of opportunities.

      Bale has been creeping in all to often in the last 6 months, I feel that he is far more effective and beeneficial to the team when he stays wide, potentially creating more space for the likes of Dembele, Gylfi and Dempsey, however he did exactly the same under Harries leadership, so maybe he is being instructed to do it?

      Completely agree regarding the bench, IMO we have good depth in the side with options to switch thins about. I would also play Daws over Gallas (despite him playing well), but when Younes is fit, he's a shoo in IMO.

      'Remember we've only lost 1 player and brought in 3 good ones and i'm sure AVB given time can work some MAGIC'

      Jeffall, we have sold/released/loaned 8+ players and brought in 6 very good ones, as well as the players who were loaned out last season, who look as though they may be given a chance this year.

      Its time to be optomistic.


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      • but what a player we lost in modric! not many around like him.
        but we got to move on now.

        id actually play caulker & dawson ahead of gallas.
        he did have a good game thou. but he will pick up a lot of hamstring injuries so be plenty of playing time for the other CBs. especially with kaboul out for ages.

        as mentioned, bale has been coming central far too much for a very long time. its fine doing it now & then. but his main position should be wide left where he is most effective.
        also he swaps wings far too quick quite often too.

        lots of times defoe makes good runs in the middle for the ball to be whipped in, but bale comes central.
        to be fair to lennon, he seems to get it more & is linking up well with defoe.

        i dont see hudd as a defensive CM either. if he is, then we are in trouble. a slow lumbering lump like him isnt paticular hard to get round. u could walk round him or just pass it round him!

        but i agree that we arent paticularly good at being defensive & seeing out 1 goal leads. so id rather keep things the way they are.