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  • Layla Layla Sep 16, 2012 18:30 Flag

    reading- another awful performance

    from reading.

    well played boys. & good tactics from avb.

    i thought ade was going to play instead of defoe.
    defoe was awesome! u play him regularly & he will get u lots of goals!
    shame harry couldnt see this & persisted with zimmerframe vdv.

    gallas was very good. i like vert, he just slots in so easily. demebele had a good match overall.
    he is no modric thou! but still a good player & offers something different to modric.

    sandro battled well in the middle.
    walker solid & good assist. which is 1 thing he can improve on.
    lennon was a constant threat & also made a good assist.
    bale was pretty quiet but great trick shot for the goal.
    sig, best performance so far in a spurs shirt. played really well. should have scored from the defoe assist thou!
    naughton did ok but was dodgy against mclearly.
    seems like decent cover for LB, but not really a main starter.

    good to get a win on the board.
    our best performance of the season so far.
    hopefully we can build from here.

    our bench was looking strong with the likes of ade, dempsey, dawson, caulker, lloris there.
    dont forget parker,livermore & ekotto we're out injured too.

    what our people's opinion of the new away kit?
    i kindly went to the effort of posting a link to it when it was released. but not 1 person bothered to look at it. tut tut!

    i actually really like it! but i know logic states i shouldnt like it!
    iv heard a lot of people either love it or hate it.

    lazio thursday. dont forget to join the predictions league if u havent already. just pick the score & 1 goalscorer.

    u would think avb would take the europa cup seriously after winning it with porto.
    i hope we take the cups seriously.

    but we got some good players on the bench.
    so id like to give them a game.

    lloris, dawson, caulker, dempsey, ade & hudd.
    id also give a few youngsters like townsend a game.

    over & out!

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    • Yes but I thought we played as well against Toon and WBA but didn't get the early goal our play deserved. This time we got the first goal when we were in the ascendancy and should of had 2 or 3 more before half-time!!
      Thought we would end up the same when Reading were the better team in the first 20 minutes of the second half. Fortunately we managed a second and that won the game especially with the 3rd so soon after. Just my opinion!!!
      Great result hopefully we can continue against QPR next game.

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      • Good result and two good goals by Daffy.
        I thought we dropped off again in the second half (not quite as bad as against WBA), but oddly got two goals - the performance was ok, but not as good as the opening game against Toon. Reading's defending was appalling at times and they posed little threat coming forward.
        Maybe it's me though, but I never saw the so called high line and pressing game and I thought the passing, although we kept the ball well, lacked a bit of 'zing' - it seemed a bit slow and pedantic at times.
        I also thought the T'Hudd sub was a bit negative, but it could have been that by introducing him the aim was to push Dembele on.

        The next six games look to me as break even in points terms - 4 homes, 2 away - I'd guess at 14 points max. Hopefully, they'll surprise me and pick up the max 18 points and get away wins over Utd and Southampton.

    • Good game, Reading didn't offer much resistnace in the first half and should have been down by at least 3 by the half. The young un in their goal must have soiled his pants he was so nervous!

      Pretty much agree with SB on the players performance...Vert looked like he's setled in now and played very fluidly. Naughton wasn't too bad considering he's not really had a decent run out with is team in the league (I cringed when I watched the 'pool play yesterday and saw Sterling cause our Danny Rose to strain his groin when he set up the equalizer...he looked pretty good up until then).

      Second half was a bit more of a challenge, and I was thinking Gylfi off and Dempsey on...but Hudds got the nod which looked like AVB wanted to shut up shop (it was still 0-1 then no?). He's got to have more faith and more than that, understanding...this team is at h=its best going forward...sitting on one-goal leads is not our strong suit (as we've seen). Let the lads play AVB!

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      • Interesting how people have different perceptions to what they see..I thought they were good substitutions. Although Hudds is not everyone's fav, he can spot a pass, and it allowed Dembele to move forward. If it had been Livermore ( I know he wasnt on the bench ) then that would off been more a case off shutting up shop IMO. Dempsey for Bale? still an attacking threat, likewise Townsend for Lennon, so I didnt see it as defensive changes, more like the player's mentallity to drop deeper in last 20 minute's or so. If Daffy hadnt scored 2, I would off give Vertongen M.o.M, starting to settle, cool, calm, and classy.

    • Evening fellow Yids.
      Get in you SPURS.
      Loved it,the first of many wins to come.
      Enjoyed every miniute of it,but would have felt a bit more comfortable going ing in at half time with 2 under our belt especially as we had created enough chances.
      Thought we we looked a little congested in the middle at times and was hoping we would use the wings a bit more.
      Would of liked to see Dempsey get more playing time as we all know he loves a goal and would like to see if he could link up with Daffy.
      The bench looked awesome and must be great for AVB knowing that he can change things around with strength and ability in abundence.
      Would love to see Daws and Vert as a pairing and although Gallas might have the edge on pace,Daws would give 200% and put his head in places some would fear to put a foot.
      Shame we conceded the late goal but on the whole a great win and a big weight lifted off AVBs shoulders.
      Remember we've only lost 1 player and brought in 3 good ones and i'm sure AVB given time can work some MAGIC.

      COYS atb JEFFALL

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      • Jeff,
        (and please no one take this as a dig at Daffy)
        I think both Bale and Lemmon didn't 'purposely' play their usual game down the wing. I would hazard a guess it was done by AVB to try to get the best from Daffy. It seemed to work - and as Daffy said, if he has players who can get close to him, he's not isolated as the striker.
        That may be tosh though, as Bale was tending to drift in last season with Ade playing as well.

      • I hear you Jeffall,

        It was a good display and we should have been 2 or 3 up by HT, on another day we may have been punished for wasting that number of opportunities.

        Bale has been creeping in all to often in the last 6 months, I feel that he is far more effective and beeneficial to the team when he stays wide, potentially creating more space for the likes of Dembele, Gylfi and Dempsey, however he did exactly the same under Harries leadership, so maybe he is being instructed to do it?

        Completely agree regarding the bench, IMO we have good depth in the side with options to switch thins about. I would also play Daws over Gallas (despite him playing well), but when Younes is fit, he's a shoo in IMO.

        'Remember we've only lost 1 player and brought in 3 good ones and i'm sure AVB given time can work some MAGIC'

        Jeffall, we have sold/released/loaned 8+ players and brought in 6 very good ones, as well as the players who were loaned out last season, who look as though they may be given a chance this year.

        Its time to be optomistic.