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  • Jlock Jlock Sep 19, 2012 12:02 Flag

    For SB (and Sfer if he wants - or anyone else)

    '......"I think at times it's only too easy to get sucked into the 'fantasy football manager' bit and think you know better than the manager. That's the fans privilege, but not their responsibility.
    As you say, the manager (and the myriad coaching staff) sees the players all week and tries their formations and pairings. They will 'know' who fits the system and who doesn't, who works well with who and who doesn't. They will then base their squad on that knowledge, niggling injuries, fitness, form, who the opposition is etc. Their job is on the line based on those match day decisions, not like the amateur punters and critics who can bleat all they like (to friends, family and 'social' networking sites) about every aspect, without any consequence"

    If that is not the most condescending thing I have ever seen written on this board I don't know what is - you stuck up prat John. ....'

    Really? I'll give you an EG. Watching the lead up to the Reading game I was mildly surprised to see Naughton in rather than BAE and went about berating AVB, to find out BAE was simply injured.Why is what I wrote condescending?
    Are you happy then to admit that you don't know all the factors in the decisions a manager makes?
    I had a discussion with SB a while back re transfers, where she constantly had a go at the manager for the lack of transfer activity - she had no idea of what money had been made available, what restrictions had been placed, who wanted to play for Spurs, what pay structure,...blah blah blah.
    That is the point above - simply that it's so easy to judge, when you don't know all the facts..oops there I go again.

    AVB will end up being the manager who sold half the squad - if it works, he'll be a hero, if it doesn't he'll be the villain. The facts (if they appear in a memoir somewhere) behind who made the sales/purchases will be forgotten (or never revealed) - the manager typically gets the blame for the squad, even though he may have had little or no involvement. Is saying that also condescending?

    I don't see that pointing out how little we know compared to a manager is condescending at all. I think it's something WE all tend to conveniently forget from time time. Don't you forget it? I do. When AVB brought on T'Hudd recently, why did he do it? Do you know or did you 'guess'? What had AVB seen in training? What instructions did AVB pass onto the field with the substitution? No idea? Nor me. At first I thought it defensive, but then saw it may have been the opposite, pushing Dembele on. Which is true? Neither you or me know?