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  • Sfer Sfer Sep 19, 2012 13:23 Flag

    For SB (and Sfer if he wants - or anyone else)

    No John I don't think I am.

    I am trying to stop you posting long, tedious posts on just about every thread because it is stopping people coming on here. I am not the one telling everybody on here to rethink whatever they have said because I have been bothered to look up some stat somewhere which might or might not prove them wrong!

    I don't think that everybody should be very careful about what they say on here for fear of being contradicted by some pompous idiot who thinks he knows better than anyone else.

    I gather from your latest post I have hit a nerve - well I bl00dy well hope so. What was it - the bit about the lack of party invites or the realisation of how condescending your comment was?

    "Surely your wit will attract people in their droves won't it? Start a thread headed 'Sfer's witty banter corner'"

    Was that your idea of funny John? Did you think to yourself as you were writing that that others would split their sides laughing? If so, your problem is worse than I thought. Poor chap.

    Don't you find it odd that you are the only one on here that comes in for this kind of stick? I might be the only one who is voicing it but I have a very short fuse when it comes to putting up with over opinionated, boring fools. If people want to say Defoe is the best or AVB is the worst then I think they should be allowed to without receiving a condescending tomb from people like you. In fact, I would welcome a few more posts where people are free to say whatever they want. That is what used to happen and they provoked some very interesting responses - now they just get you.