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  • Sfer Sfer Sep 19, 2012 16:25 Flag

    For SB (and Sfer if he wants - or anyone else)

    Yep - just as I thought - you are either too thick (which I don't actually think you are) or just too plain arrogant to acknowledge you are ruining this for others.

    I do ignore just about everything you post John but this thread - which you have dominated and used to prove everything I have said about you - provoked me into responding.

    As you have driven off the other posters that I used to like to have some banter with, pretty much the only posts on this board now are yours. I am not trying to stop anybody else posting whatever they want - only you, and it is only you because you are ruining the board. If you were just a plain old idiot who posted stupid things I could put up with that - there have been a few of those over the years - but your comments are more acidic, sly and corrosive than others.

    I had run ins with SB to start off with when she first came on here but she was just trying to get her points across and her style takes some getting used to but once you understand she is a bit different then you accept her comments for what they are. I don't always agree with them but you can't knock her enthusiasm.

    You on the other hand, seem to be able to pick a hole in any comment no matter how careful anybody is in wording whatever they want to say. You are picky beyond belief, but worse than that, you are condescending. Your comments, that I pointed out to you, were in effect saying that everybody else that has a view is a thick moron and its up to you to point that out.

    I have ignored you for quite a while but seeing as you started this thread " I started this thread for exactly that reason - to stop every thread becoming a 'discussion' about 'arry, Daffy, Villa and VDV" i.e. trying to restrict what others were happy to discuss, I thought I would get all of my thoughts about you out in one place.

    Hopefully, others will see that this thread is all about you, not bother reading all of it and concentrate on trying to keep the board in general alive rather than see it slowly strangled by your self inflated ego.