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  • Kelly Dulabh Kelly Dulabh Sep 24, 2012 21:38 Flag

    Lazio and QPR

    utd lost thier opening game to Everton.

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    • Ahhh the memory is short...have to agree on one thing though...Yahoo is really stinking the place up with these messageboards...anyone know what's going on...couldn't get a post in edge-wise yesterday (Sunday). I suspect this is going to happen a lot from here on out; as it is I have to come in through a side door as I have no clue where the link is anymore (and couldn't be arsed to try and find it...what the heck was wrong with putting the button on each team's front page...like it used to be?

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      • did it tell u all to create a new alias if u wanted to make a new post?

        agreed joe. to be honest AVB got his tactics very wrong against qpr. i hate bale at LB. we lost his main qualities when he goes there. dempsey wide left with defoe on his own up front was also a poor decision.

        the obvious & most logical thing was to start with vert at LB & play caulker/dawson alongside gallas at CB.
        put bale at LW & dempsey upfront with defoe.

        even the commentator was saying this throughout the 1st half.

        it seems AVB doesnt want to do the logical thing. its like he has to come up with some bizzare masterplan or else its not worth doing.

        credit to him thou, he changed it round at half time. at chelsea he would have kept it the same and lost. heres hoping he its a less stubborn AVB who can admit mistakes & learn from them.

        please no one say hindsight is a wonderful thing!

        bale is a lot weaker & less effective at LB. defoe needs help upfront. dempsey cant play LW so is always going to come infield. it was very illogical & surely u dont need hindsight to know the team would play poorly, have no balance to the team, & make the out of position players look very lost.

        basically u could play 3 players (defoe,dempsey,bale) either out of position or in a position were they are less effective & or lost.
        or u can play 1 player (vert) out of position, but who actually can play well in this less favoured position & has done on many occasions.

        AVB seems to always pick the 1st choice.

        low & behold we played a lot better in the 2nd half & were more organised & balanced.

        shock horror!
        u could plau