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  • Joe Joe Sep 24, 2012 21:25 Flag

    Lazio and QPR


    What the fook happened to Yahoo? since the 19-9-12 it seems Yahoo have been in meltdown.

    Anyway, here we are!

    Lazio are a good team, they have been impressive in the seire a games I've watched. For us, I felt Caulker inparticular looked superb. Anyone who can keep Mauri quiet or at least stop him from scoring must have a bright future.

    So three goals chalked off! that ref will be lucky to work again! Clints dis-awlowed goal is almost understandable, the lino got the wrong decision, but it was exceedingly close. The decision to dis-allow Caulkers was awful, there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. On a positive, its encouraging to see that there are goals throughout the team.

    We can only hope, the awful decision do not impact on our progression in this tournement.

    The QPR game was the old cliche of a game of two halves.

    We were shocking in the first half and if it had not been for the outstanding Friedel we would have been 2 or 3 down. He was class.

    I felt we were much better in the second half, although not outstanding. The first goal was lucky and for a few seconds I really pitied Faurlin (sp?), I think the changes we made to the formation made a huge impact to the way we played. The QPR game also re-affirmed that Bale is not and should never play as a LB!

    Although not his best game, I was impressed with Dembele, again he looks so assured on the ball. He appears to glide past players or they just bounce off him.

    Delighted with the 3 points, delighted for AVB. QPR look a strong team, with enough depth to be well up the table by May, to be expected with the number of players they brought in.

    Fingers crossed for the Manure game, sadly I fear we will need it, despite playing poorly they haven't dropped a point yet. The best we can hope for is a draw, surely?

    Nice to be back on here! well done Yahoo.


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