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  • Arrogant tw4tt....simple eh!

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    • as u say sfer harrys poor tactics & strange decision to settle for a pt at villa & then settle for 4th knowing if chelsea win we miss out on CL football is awful on harrys part.
      but to make matters worse he still now says he would settle for the pt at villa & 4th spot, despite knowing we wouldnt get CL football at the end of it!

      i think his ego got to big in the end. & like john, he cant admit when he has made a mistake.

      settling for 1pt at villa & for 4th proved to be wrong.

      i wont go over it all again but all the probablities clearly indicated it was worth gambling for 3pts against villa on the chance u would lose 1pt.
      that 1pt was highly unlikely to be of any use.

      harry got it wrong big time. he has paid the price, & now we are.

      any chance of keeping modric gone. any chance of investing in big name players gone. not to mention the CL prize money we could have put towards a new stadium.

      i also am not going to argue about it with u anymore john.
      because u will never admit u or harry were wrong.
      u have been found out big time by your complete U-TURN on your football philisophy to suit harrys U-TURN.

      both of u say- u should aim for the top.
      then u say- settle for a pt at villa knowin 3 would keep things in your hands for a guranteed CL place.
      settle for 4th knowing if chelsea win u lose out on CL place.

      u can spend an hour trying to wriggle out of it like the politician u wish u were!
      but its clear for everyone to see!

    • yes i posted in another thread. to try & cut it down-

      the logical thing was 4-4-2 & just play vert out of position but he can play well in that position anyway.

      instead he puts dempsey & bale out of position, & leaves defoe upfront on his own!

      as u say sfer, avb seems to avoid the obvious because he wants to come up with some strange unlikely masterplan for whatever reason!

      but at least he changed things at half time. but honestly u dont need to know a lot about football to realise what the logical & most likely to be effective option was!

      vert is a greast signing! so glad when we got him. really suprised no bigger team got him. he isnt the quickest true, but he makes up for that in his other attributes. he is handy going foward to. i reckon he will score at least 3 goals for us this season & have a hand to play in a few more goals like defoes.