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  • So he would have joined us except we did not get CL football. For anyone that thinks not getting CL football does not make a difference (although how anyone could think that is beyond me) this says it all.

    Whether or not you think Hazzard is a great player is a different matter. The fact is Chelsea paid a fortune for him and he was linked to just about every top class team in the World so there are a lot of "experts" that do think he is that good - and we could have had him if only Arry had not made some bad tactical decisions.

    He is the only one that has come out and said what
    he has but how many others were there? Just goes to show how even one point can make such a huge difference. Will we get the chance of CL football again this year?? IMO unlikely.

    Last point - we looked awful in the first half against QPR as Rambro has pointed out. When, eventually, AVB changed the team to a 4-4-2 and gave Defoe some support did we look like scoring. Why does he insist on leaving shorthouse Defoe on his own? I like Defoe and always thought he should get a decent run to show he is a natural goalscorer (a very rare talent these days) but he can't do it on his own.

    When, or should I say "will", AVB stop thinking he knows it all and has some secret tactical superior knowledge and play a team that looks balanced?

    IMO he has been lucky so far (we could very easily have lost 3 - 0 aginst QPR at home) and you cant win anything with luck on its own.

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    • I'll reply on 'the' thread to save clogging up this one....

    • I like the way he is confident on the ball sb. He does not have a problem bringing the ball out of defence into midfield and that causes the opposition some real problems. It might be that AVB sees that as the reason daws is expendable.

    • Thanks Graeme & remmah,

      I am glad someone else see's it the same way I do - I was beginning to think Mr Locke was the only one I would hear from with his usual drivel.

      Vertonghen looked a bit slow to start with but he has certainly got the pace of the PL now.

      Not sure if AVB changed the system because he recognised it was wrong or because he just felt that panic feeling welling up in his stomach - either way, it worked thankfully.

    • I asked very politely that you stop posting your very boring, self indulgent drivel on any of my threads or responding to any of my posts. I even used the word "please".

      If others don't mind you posting replies on their posts fair enough but why keep on posting on mine when I have no interest in anything you have to say? Because you are a tw4tt thats why.

      But you just can't help yourself can you. You are so up yourself you think it is ok to ruin this for everybody else. You are a f**king tw4tt John. You even think you are now a funny tw4tt.

      Sad idiot.

    • SOT - Politely? Ho ho ho, you said '...please...'? ;-) Was that between the 'cute' words?

    • Spot on there Remmah. Vertonghen could well be the signing of the season throughout the Premiership.

    • yes true. he can also score headers from set pieces too.

      i dont think avb likes slow players either. he tryed to get rid of dawson and hudd. the only reason hudd is coming on as sub is because livermore & parker are injured.
      & dawsons only here because of kabouls long term injury.

      i hope we keep dawson as back up but id like hudd to go.

    • I like to play both Lennon and Bale but maybe, wth only one MF postion place up for grabs, Lennon needs to be sarificed and we pay a real front two of Defoe and Adebayor/Depsey...Lennon and Bale are electic but leave us short in the middle sometimes..and Walker can still threaten on the rght

    • do you think Parker will get back into this team..not that we're playing great at all, but I can't see him and Sandro together, unless we're away at United for example...can't see Dembele being left out, he's a breath of fresh air

    • i could have just seen harry going for joe cole over hazard because he is still a triffic player to have!

      im a huge fan of sandro. we are very lucky to have 2 top DMs!
      livermore is a handy 3rd choice cover. i dont think he will ever be good enough to be a main starter. but good as cover.

      the DM role is very physical & tiring. so i think both will parker & sandro will get plenty of playing time.
      also they are both bound to pick up injuries considering their type of play. i personally would go dembele & sandro.
      against good teams u could go sandro dembele parker.
      all good options.

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