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  • So he would have joined us except we did not get CL football. For anyone that thinks not getting CL football does not make a difference (although how anyone could think that is beyond me) this says it all.

    Whether or not you think Hazzard is a great player is a different matter. The fact is Chelsea paid a fortune for him and he was linked to just about every top class team in the World so there are a lot of "experts" that do think he is that good - and we could have had him if only Arry had not made some bad tactical decisions.

    He is the only one that has come out and said what
    he has but how many others were there? Just goes to show how even one point can make such a huge difference. Will we get the chance of CL football again this year?? IMO unlikely.

    Last point - we looked awful in the first half against QPR as Rambro has pointed out. When, eventually, AVB changed the team to a 4-4-2 and gave Defoe some support did we look like scoring. Why does he insist on leaving shorthouse Defoe on his own? I like Defoe and always thought he should get a decent run to show he is a natural goalscorer (a very rare talent these days) but he can't do it on his own.

    When, or should I say "will", AVB stop thinking he knows it all and has some secret tactical superior knowledge and play a team that looks balanced?

    IMO he has been lucky so far (we could very easily have lost 3 - 0 aginst QPR at home) and you cant win anything with luck on its own.

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