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  • Joe Joe Sep 25, 2012 20:29 Flag

    Statin' 'ell!

    I know a few of you are keen stat lovers:


    So, does this make Crouchie the best English goal scorer? Or does it tell us that stats can be used to tell you whatever you want to believe?

    It paints Defoe in a pretty good light as well, so it must be rubbish- my bad.


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    • everyone knows stats are very often very mis leading!
      well maybe not everyone!

      i just feel along with stats, people look far too deeply into things when it comes to football.

      also everthing is over exaggerated!

      how many times do i hear people say world class.
      there must be a few million world class players!

    • Joe,
      A stat is just a correlation of related numbers. The football league table is effectively a stat, as it links games played to points and goals scored for/against.
      So we all use and see stats in regards to football. But embedded in those stats are also simple facts.
      You could look at some stats and wonder what the relevance is. The one that always amazes me, for two reasons, is the '...Spurs haven't won at Anfield since....' type stat - as that seems to imply that somehow unrelated teams (ie Spurs may have change their squad, style and manager n times over during that period) always perform badly at a location. Surely it can't predict? But somehow it seems to. Some teams have bogey teams. How does that work? So the surprise to me, is that although the stat looks to be a nonsense, it does seem like quite a good predictor.

      As for Crouch/Daffy and England, I thought that it was generally accepted that they both had a relatively good strike rate. National teams are an issue though, as you can't guarantee the quality of the opposition (you could be mixing Brazil and San Marino). EPL goals scored (or even CL goals) would show if a striker is consistent around roughly consistent opposition.

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      • Thanks for replying,

        I thought you may have enjoyed this one.

        'EPL goals scored (or even CL goals) would show if a striker is consistent around roughly consistent opposition.'

        I don't feel there is a consistent level in the EPL, its a higer average level than some leagues, but the league itself is pretty inconsistent in terms or quality/ability. There is some truth in the old adage 'He never plays well against the good teams', if each team was much of a muchness, we wouldn't heard these or similar comments, would we?