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  • Jlock Jlock Sep 27, 2012 18:54 Flag


    I'd agree with the DofF idea, if the DofF stayed longer than the manager. But at the present time, I've seen more movement at DofF than at manager level. So it seems a bit counter intuitive to me.
    Given Levy's apparent 'penchant' for getting involved in the transfers anyway (and he has been the static element over a series of managers - so he obviously appears to know the 'profile' of the squad he's/the club's after), I just don't see the benefit. Maybe I would follow it if I knew the internal workings of the club.
    Oh well, as long as they stay profitable and get players who play the football I like, I suppose it matters not a jot what their structure is - as long as everyone at the club is happy with it.