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  • jimmy pearce jimmy pearce Sep 27, 2012 19:47 Flag

    John Terry- Found Guilty by The FA

    I've never thought he was quite 'right'...I remember a few years back, when we beat them at the Lane with Lennon I think getting the winner, he made some comment at a corner and was surrounded by our furious black players...but only them...he got away with it that time...

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    • I think it's his overall demeanour. I still don't think his 'Rio' comments were as much racist as thuggish - he just seems to me to be more than slightly 'unsavoury'.
      I remember the Spurs players being upset with the man, but I don't recall anything coming out to the media as to what actually happened.

      I find AVB's comments (quoted here http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/news/villas-boas-says-terry-massive-loss-england-185825034--sow.html) slightly odd. I'm surprised that he appears to be supporting him. I don't actually recall AVB's stance at the time, but maybe now he's caught in an awkward situation if he did support him when the 'incident' happened.

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      • I feel JT has been extremely lucky here.

        The fine, whilst being the highest ever given by the FA, is still only 9 days wages for JT! 9 days!

        The ban seems very lenient to me. A 3 game ban for a straight red and Terry only gets 4?! for a player of his age, surely missing only 4 games would be counted as a 'rest' not a punishment, he'll probably go on holiday somewhere.

        I cannot think of a situation where I (or anyone) would respond to an accusation by repeating that accusation, I have never heard of someone responding to an accusation in the manner Terry claims he did.

        As the Chelsea and then England Captain, he is well aware of the ramifications if he were found to be using inappropriate language, yet he claimed he only used racist language, whilst questioning what Anton had said?! REALLY? anyone who swallows that is naive in the extreme or has an agenda to support JT no matter what.

        I remember the incident when Terry was surrounded. Apparently he made racially abusive remarks to King on that occasion.

        Look at his track record, not just in this incident, the man is wrongun'! there is a catalogue of incidents where he has behaved appallingly right throughout his career. I have heard a few people defend him, using his lack of education as an excuse- pitiful.

        As for AVB, he should have limited himself to the last paragraph:

        "As managers and media we have a task, we all know we must protect the game in a situation like this and to promote good values. But this has been so strange, so different, through various legal situations, that I've lost the understanding of it."

        In fact the last 7 words might have been enough.