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  • JEFFALL JEFFALL Sep 30, 2012 10:37 Flag

    Could you Adam n' Eve IT!!!!!!!!!

    Morning fellow yids.
    AT LAST.
    Finally got that monkey off our back.
    Wathced the game at the pub and thoroghly enjoyed the first half with the beer flowing well.Second half all seemed a bit blurry and as utd seemed to take control and the nerves started to kick in.
    Was hoping we could get more control of the game and beat utd in true style,but as usual they came back with real desire in front of thier home fans and the last 30 mins seemed like 3 hours and when that final whistl blew i jumped up and down like i'd just won the lottery.
    After that is all a bit blurry now with the hangover to go with it.
    Hope we can push on with a decent run of games as we all know; its tough to try and get into a CL spot.