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  • longtimespur longtimespur Sep 30, 2012 11:52 Flag

    Could you Adam n' Eve IT!!!!!!!!!

    Yes triffic result, we had some "good" luck @ OT for a change but very proud of our teams performance.
    ESPN had stats of 62 to 38% to Spurs at half-time. Showed how much we bossed the first half.
    Here's hoping the AVB doubters will cut him a little slack.

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    • some good points. people are kind of coming round to my point about defoe. he is unfairly seen as a player who if doesnt score, does nothing.

      but he always keeps the defence on their toes with his runs & movement. he keeps them occupied which allows space for others. for example vdv wouldnt have been able to make those runs which gave space for bales goal.
      his all round play is decent. his passing & link up play is of a decent standard. last season he started more weight training & has become a lot stronger. as shown against rio, he can hold off defenders better & bring others in to play.
      yes, if u boot it up in the air to him then he is ineffective!
      i just feel he has really been under valued & under appreciated by the club.

      really like sandro. he is going on my next spurs shirt.
      im going to buy 1 but cant make my mind up which of the 3 shirts to get?!

      as pointed out, he really works well with dembele.
      dempsey is also a handy player to have. he works hard & is a good finisher.

      negatives for me where sitting back too much & not man marking scholes. dont see why we just didnt stick dempsey on him.

      also friedel did well with some akward shots.

      great to see avbs passion. nice to know he cares so much!

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      • My only issue with this thread is that it wasn't Manchester United 2 - Tottenham Hotspur 3 ;-)

        A classic win but not a great performance. Patrice Evra said United deserved to lose because they only played football for 45 mins...well guess what mate, so did we..well, let me check that...we played about 35 minutes of edge of the seat defense. I like many expected us to crumble, but for the most part we didn't, that coupled with some good luck (Rooney's free-kick hitting the post, Carrick's looping backheader hitting the bar, we hung in there.

        Ok, bit of criticism...is it me, or are we playing a "zone" defense? Wave afer wave of their attacks found the gaps in the zone...I could see where the next pass was going and at first wondered why we left the same gaps every tme they came forward. And why else would someone not have"got in the grill" of Paul Scholes instead of letting him pull the strings...he had oceans of space and tons of times to do whatever he wanted (I echo that sentiment for all the other teams I've sen you United face this season...the guy's 37 years old playing in a position that takes a lot of energy, but no one's challenging him, no one's putting pressure on him in either direction!).

        But...we won...my heart was thumping hours after the game was over (shown live here in the US)...a good day, and a result that I hope inspires us to believe we're as good as any team out there, and has us play to our strengths and put opponents to the sword and really go after teams...I believe we could really crush teams if we did this...the speed, the skill, with some grit thrown in (Sandro WAS immense).

        Other playrs to mention - Gallas, say what you will, the man left it all on the pitch Saturday; Vertonghen (as mentioned by others), his Belgium teammate Dembele (lost posession a bit in the 2nd half...but then again, so did the rest of the team). Daffy...saw him win a few in the air too (hints at how flat United were maybe), the guy worked his socks off. Caulker...very steady. Lennon looked to be a bit more engaged than usual, really gav Evra a torrid time in the first half (and by my reckoning, Evra was one of the few FB's that could contain him...even when he was playing at a higher level).

        I'm done - VIlla next week...hope we don't have a let down (Oh and that Ropey League match in Greece on Thursday).

      • I was screaming all sorts of things at the telly yesterday, but in particular I remember screaming 2 things in the second half of the second half:

        "run Jermain, RUUUUUNNNNNNN" - we could've really done with an injection of speed in the last 20 mins to get us some possession further up the field, that's the sort of thing he can bring when he comes on as a sub.

        And "why is Gallas marking Rooney?!?!" Scholes was releasing him everywhere & anywhere and he was in the right attacking mindframe, IMHO he Caulker would have been better matched to him to keep up - Gallas's positioning is a better foil for Van Persie.

        I also thought Walker was in the mood to take someone out, he was getting a bit cheeky towards the end; at one point he ran a ball out for a MU throw in and gave the Utd player a shove just for fun. While it made me laugh at the time on another day he could've got himself in trouble.

        BUT these are picky points at the end of what was not only a very good result but a great game of football; I was watching with someone with no sporting interest and even she loved it.

        Well done Spurs!