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  • sledge sledge Sep 29, 2012 19:26 Flag

    Could you Adam n' Eve IT!!!!!!!!!

    3-2 to Spurs at Old Trafford!!!

    Will have to regrow all my hair and probably dye it black again after, but wow! Well done Lads and AVB


    Now I need to check at least 20 different websites just to make sure what I saw was no dream :P

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    • Definitely not dreaming Sledge :-D

      Cracking win at OT, despite the poor 2nd half performance. The Mancs often win despite playing badly but I'll take all 3 points at OT all day long however we play.

      Another Vertonghen goal - I reckon he'll be our Player of the Season. He really is a cracking player. Glad to see Dempsey opening his account too.

      COYS - let's hope this is the kickstart to the season we need to maintain our push for CL footie.

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      • maybe player of the season will be between dembele & verthoghen kentish?

        at least fergie wasnt a bad loser!

        "They gave us four minutes [injury time], that's an insult to the game. It denies you a proper chance to win a football match. There were six substitutions, the trainer came on, so that's four minutes right away and the goalkeeper must have wasted about two or three minutes and they took their time at every goal kick. That's obvious to everyone today and it's a flaw in the game that the referee is responsible for time keeping. It's ridiculous that it's 2012 and the referee still has control of that."

      • I didn't see it apart from the MoTD highlights, but the radio commentary made it sound as though Sandro was immense.

        Absolutely brilliant result - another '....we haven't won there since....' gone.

    • even if the 90th min i thought we would lose 4-3!

      well done lads & avb of course!

      but of a crazy game. some awful defending but who cares.

      another memorable bale goal to the collection.
      & thats bale who has missed training all week because he has been tucked up in bed with the flu!

      thats me in a good mood for at least a month!
      living in manchester makes it even more fun!

      best win in ages!

    • Phew!!! Great!!! So it was not a dream! :)

      I thought we were outstanding from Kick Off, Sandro & Dembele really bossed the middle superbly in the first half (I think they could be one of the truly great Central Midfield pairings) with Bale and Lennon making some really excellent runs and scaring the knickers off ManUtds defence.

      Agreed Kentish! Vertonghen is a gem! I love his forward runs and his coolness in his position be it CB or LB. And with Caulker doing so well, Gallas really proving many wrong with his energy, drive and stature, Kaboul on the road to recovery, I think BAE may have a real challenge to reclaim his place.

      I think you're right SB... At the moment it is between Vertonghen and Dembele that could be our man of the season. Both suits me fine :)
      Sandro is getting better and better and seems to be really clicking with Moussa better than he did with Modric. They complement one another more it seems.

      Joe was right to point out the hard work Defoe put in at OT. It was very easy to forget him as he didn't really get any clear chances on goal. I have noticed though that this season he seems to work alot harder off the ball and stretches defences and creates space for team mates. His part in our 3rd goal was immense, his strength and determination to hold the ball until support came and then releasing Bale was fantastic.
      The goals he's scored for both club and country already this season really seems to have given him a new lease of life and it is clear to see he is enjoying every moment of his time on the pitch. The hunger is back with our Defoe, long may it last!

      I think if I had to be critical about our performance, it would be that we sat back too much too early. Right from the start of the second half we seemed to revert to type and gave posession away far too cheaply and invited the onslaught rather than try keep a cool head and frustrate Utd and make them work to get the ball. Like SB I was convinced even at 90 mins that we would at best finish at 3-3 and feared 4-3.
      Some may say we were lucky with that penalty incident, but we were more than owed that with all the c.r.a.p.p.y decisions that have had to endure over the years against ManUtd. So I don't feel we were at all fortunate to come away with 3 points.

      Well done to the ref Foy (He of that Stoke game last season) for not succumbing to Fergie and the crowd and keeping the game fair and flowing.
      Also for remembering that it's a league game that does not require Extra Fergie Time that is usually mandatory if Utd are not leading after 90 ;)

      As for Fergie! His comments post-match were unsportsmanlike, shameful, embarassing and alltogether hilarious! It seems he truly believes his teams require special treatment and outside assistance beyond the 11 in red.
      Four minutes were more than fair as I only recall a minute or two where Gallas needed a new contact lense put in.
      He got it wrong in the first half, that's it!

    • It's definitely a Spurs wonderland, just feels so good, closest we ever got to beating manyoo in the league previously of course was under ramos at home, only seeing a last minute deflection off daws from a corner. Thank God Foy didn't fold, Lady Luck was with us, Finally !

      COYS !!!

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      • Morning fellow yids.
        AT LAST.
        Finally got that monkey off our back.
        Wathced the game at the pub and thoroghly enjoyed the first half with the beer flowing well.Second half all seemed a bit blurry and as utd seemed to take control and the nerves started to kick in.
        Was hoping we could get more control of the game and beat utd in true style,but as usual they came back with real desire in front of thier home fans and the last 30 mins seemed like 3 hours and when that final whistl blew i jumped up and down like i'd just won the lottery.
        After that is all a bit blurry now with the hangover to go with it.
        Hope we can push on with a decent run of games as we all know; its tough to try and get into a CL spot.

        COYS atb JEFFALL

    • hmmmmmmmm just got up off the pub floor with a massive hangover thought the last 12 hrs had been a dream until i saw MOTD and OMG it wasn't a dream we beat manure on their home turf 2-3.

      I was impressed with our gung ho play in the first half.
      Take nothing away from Man Utd they where poor in the first half but the second half was mainly all Utd we parked the bus and clung on for dear life.
      Rooney and Scholes where running the show for them.
      I have turned grey and lost alot of hair after that game and now have a dodgy ticker but i wouldnt have it any other way Spurs till i die and i came very close last night after that game lol.

      Final note i found found AVB somewhat endearing last night with his celebrations and may have started to warm to him just a bit.

    • still grinning...even work was fun today!!!

    • Ahhh, so I'm not going crazy...any manager worth his salt will be able to set his troops up to take advantage of that (United just didn't have the killer finisher as in past encounters...well they did, but we kept them relatively quiet - did you see the clattering tackle Gallas gave RVP!).

      My problem with the set up is that its reactive...the supply comes in a steady stream, and that's what we need to stop.