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  • Great result, as posted in "adam and eve it", but just thinking about the downside from the 2 goals conceded yesterday. I'm not trying to detract from that win but I only watched the highlights last night, although I was watching the game live on a stream but switched off once Manu scored. (Anyone who follows my comments will know why).
    Back to the Manu goals....IMHO Walker was culpable for both goals, he didn't move up with the rest of the defence and played both Kagawa and the player who crossed for Nani's goal, on side.
    Walker is a tremendous attacking full-bank and young enough to learn how to defend properly so I think he will be a terrific asset in time and I'm sure AVB will get into him about it in training.
    Oh and yes welcome back KM!

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    • I don't remember Walker specifically in that match (I was a bit dazed and confused by their second goal...), but I've definitely said that about him previously - IMO his lack of defensive play let in the goals which got us knocked out of Europa last season.

      Which isn't intended to blame him per se, as you say he's still young yada yada yada and I do think that 1) he's improved shedloads over the last year, and also 2) the winger has a duty to support him as a 'new' player, he just needs to remember that his first responsibility as a full back is to defend. It must also be a tad confusing when he's learning his trade that managers want to use the speed of youth for attacking too; I don't remember having the same issue with BAE, but he's the only FB I can think of who's not had an issue with that when learning.

      I'm not sure any of the above reads as actual sentences, I'm feeling the effects of yesterday's celebrations a bit...

    • just watched the highlights again i can't help thinking that yesterday's game reminded me a bit of when old OZZY was in charge with the famous five attack and we used to score like 6 goals and leak 3