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  • Berkshire Yid Berkshire Yid Sep 30, 2012 15:32 Flag

    Made me chuckle

    i fully agree SB he has got away with fergie time for too long about time officials stood up to him as i said in an earlier post his comments after the game was just dam disrespectful to us and stank of bad sportsmanship

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    • Well said Berks.
      He must realise how stupid he makes himself look. 4 minutes is definitely alot for a second half with no major injuries!

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      • On one hand it amazes me how hypocritical Fergie is but then aren't all football managers! He is the most vocal when his side is losing insisting the Ref should add more time and the opposite when his side is winning and the opposition is pushing for an equaliser. But they all do that.

        The thing with Fergie is that it has been proved that Manure benefit more than any other PL side on this topic. Apparently Manure get 74 seconds longer added when they are losing than winning according to a report in the press today. So he can't really moan can he.....but he will.

        Its one of the best sights in football - watching Old Red Nose when he has just seen his team beaten. I love it.