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  • longtimespur longtimespur Oct 5, 2012 10:27 Flag

    Greece ?????????

    looked like same old same old, 1-0 up and cruising, thought the game was won, played like they couldn't be bothered. Got their just reward!!!!
    Then AVB comes out and says FATIQUE was the problem, I am at a loss for words but if they are knackered after 8 games into the season then god help us!!!!!!!
    Maybe the rumours about too much training are true. The players are getting too much and they can't manage to play for 90 minutes!!
    Really disappointed wth the performance. Watched the Pool game after, what a difference in approach, passion, pace, everything about their game. Yes they lost but at least they competed and looked like they wanted to win it. Well done to them can't say the same for our players.

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    • I think it showed how much we miss Modric. He set the tempo of our play by his quick bursts and movement. Dembele is vey good at going pass player's, but it's done at a different pace, and would be more suited playing in VdV role just behind the striker's, IMO, I'm hoping we try for Moutino again in Jan, or someone simular who can dictate play from deep MF. I wonder if the negative exposure the Europa League get's in this country has got into the minds of some player's, and they think it doesnt matter that much. The sooner they make the EL winner's a CL spot, the better.

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      • Evening fellow yids.
        Thought we totally dominated the 1st half and was well pleased to see Daws with the Armband and then produce a perfect header for our goal was magic.
        The second half didn't seem that much different,although the Greeks did step it up a bit and this is when we should have gone into 4th gear knowing that a 1-0 lead is never enough.
        Don't really remember Lloris having too much to do and maybe the defence could take some of the blame for the equaliser.
        Sorry to have to dissagree with remmah's reference to Modric and am more than happy to have Dembele filling his role, who i feel is just as quick,stronger,shields the ball well and has a decent shot as well.
        This was one we thougth we had in the bag and only when they equalised did we step it up.
        A good learning curve for all and hopefully one that we can put to fruition in the EPL.
        Yes 2pts dropped but we're still in with a good shout and hope that leasons have been learened.

        COYS atb JEFFALL

    • DE-JA-VU Feeling we seemed to play alot like that last season great in first half's never bothered coming out for the second quite worrying really.

      Lloris looks like he needs more games under his belt made a couple of errors didnt have a whole lot to do really either way im not to bothered about Europa Prem is the most important.