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  • What is the matter with our players? AVB might want to win the EC but they certainly don't seem to.
    No passion and no pace to their play at all, need a rocket from AVB but not sure he'll give them one.
    I hope he has the cojones!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Really disappointed with the team tonight especially the second half performance.

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    • WTF happened?

      I only watched the first 50 mins and it looked as though we would go to win, comfortably!

      I get home and see we got a draw!

      It appears we are only able to play for 45mins of any game! this is become an irritating habit!

      From the first half it looked like we were in second gear and could up our performance at any time.

      What happened in the second half? Nothing was that the problem?


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      • looked like same old same old, 1-0 up and cruising, thought the game was won, played like they couldn't be bothered. Got their just reward!!!!
        Then AVB comes out and says FATIQUE was the problem, I am at a loss for words but if they are knackered after 8 games into the season then god help us!!!!!!!
        Maybe the rumours about too much training are true. The players are getting too much and they can't manage to play for 90 minutes!!
        Really disappointed wth the performance. Watched the Pool game after, what a difference in approach, passion, pace, everything about their game. Yes they lost but at least they competed and looked like they wanted to win it. Well done to them can't say the same for our players.