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  • 1st half we were on top but sluggish with Vertonhen looking our best threat. 2nd half, Villa missed sitter, but once we scored, it was all us, better passing and movement, and complete control.
    Rambro, If you cant see Spur's on tv, then try www.episite.com they cover pretty much all games in League and cups.

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    • agree with remmah. we looked comfortable defensively apart from the sitter they missed.
      but we were sluggish & poor once we got to the last 3rd.
      villa are poor thou. we will have to play 10 times better to get a result against chelsea.
      but the result is the main thing.

      good goal from lennon who had a good game.
      caulker has slotted in nicely & looks like a huge prospect.
      lloris clean sheet under his belt.
      great assist from defoe. who said he cant assist.
      ade back is another positive. gives us something different up top. he adds some muscle & height.

      international break now. boring!

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      • Not sure I'd describe Defoe's assist as great, more accidental! But it was good that he acknowledged it was Caulker's goal even though he'd "done the work" for it and it would've been his 200th - he was less forgiving when someone stole one of his England goals a few years back!

        To be honest Rambr0, I wouldn't be too disappointed about missing it, it was a pretty poor game. Re goalies:

        Tottenham boss Andre Villa-Boas on leaving out Brad Friedel after 310 consecutive Premier League games: "Nothing tipped the balance [in favour of Hugo Lloris], we understand that Brad has been immense. We wanted to give a continuous run of games for Lloris bearing in mind the Panathinaikos match and two France games coming up, so it keeps his form high and allows us to count on two great keepers. So we are fortunate that we can do this rotation. Obviously Brad was disappointed but as a great professional he ended up accepting the decision. We respect his performances and I'm sure he will be back in the team as soon as possible."

        If Friedel hadn't been on such a great run you can totally understand dividing between 2 top class players, and it's not AVB's job to be sentimental about it, particularly if it could be to the detriment of the longer term prospect (i.e. Lloris's international career). But I do think there's some room for sentimentality in sport, especially in the first half of the season when you're challenging for 3 cups as well as the league.

        I'm just glad it's not my decision!

    • Cheers for the link Rem