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  • Good result, but for me not a totally convincing win - the snap wasn't there in the passing and even though we dominated after the second goal, that seemed more because Villa resigned themselves to losing with their 10 men.
    I thought Lloris looked a bit dodgy on a couple of occasions and we could have gone behind after the throw was intercepted.
    I also got a bit lost as to where Vertigo was playing - he seemed to spend more time in Villa's half than in ours - which in a way is good and maybe it was because he had little to do at LB.
    I thought of all the players, Lemon looked the sharpest when he was on the ball - he seems to have an added injection of 'positiveness' this season - and to me deserves his England recall.

    But, it's a good winning run and 14 from 7 is only one down on where we could have been if we'd won the homes and drew the aways - so very positive given the changes.

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