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  • Well, if I'm not mistaken, that's two wins after a Europa League Thursday night game...bit diferent from us eh. (And welcomed too!). Also like the fact that we scored second half goals, shows that we still have something left in the tank.

    Now, Hugo Lloris got the start...what was the scuttlebutt on that...broke Friedel's consecutive games streak with seemingly no injury involved...Anyway, while Villa are not the Villa we used to know, AVB looks like a managerial genius considering Lloris now has a game and a shut out under his belt.

    I didn't see the game but heard that we ran them ragged, especially in the 2nd half...hopefully one of you will give us non-game seeing types a run-down on how things went. (Actually, apart from the League Cup match, this was the first match of Tottenham's that I didn't see on the box (saw both Ropey League games too).

    Where does that put us in the league? 3rd until the United v United game is over (well for all intents and purposes, it is over), so...

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    • I asked Wonga to lend me 50 quid till christmas so I could get one of their shirts. The guy on the phone told me to piss off and get one at Sports Direct---they're half the price.

    • H,

      Its not only the accents that are strange!

      Stigma is one thing, cashin' cheque's and payin' for sure fire bets, is another. The barcodes have been pretty active in recent windows and if your lot want to maintain this, then Wonga's money must be as good as any Arab/Ruski/Oil money?

      And, you get 'St' James Park', back! shame really I always thought the 'Sports Direct Arena' had a catchy ring to it.

      I hear Alan's Pa is fed up with Newkie Brown, he reckons it taste like bum wee. He tells me he's after something more refined, possibly a cheeky Port to go with his cheesy smile.



    • Good result, but for me not a totally convincing win - the snap wasn't there in the passing and even though we dominated after the second goal, that seemed more because Villa resigned themselves to losing with their 10 men.
      I thought Lloris looked a bit dodgy on a couple of occasions and we could have gone behind after the throw was intercepted.
      I also got a bit lost as to where Vertigo was playing - he seemed to spend more time in Villa's half than in ours - which in a way is good and maybe it was because he had little to do at LB.
      I thought of all the players, Lemon looked the sharpest when he was on the ball - he seems to have an added injection of 'positiveness' this season - and to me deserves his England recall.

      But, it's a good winning run and 14 from 7 is only one down on where we could have been if we'd won the homes and drew the aways - so very positive given the changes.

    • 1st half we were on top but sluggish with Vertonhen looking our best threat. 2nd half, Villa missed sitter, but once we scored, it was all us, better passing and movement, and complete control.
      Rambro, If you cant see Spur's on tv, then try www.episite.com they cover pretty much all games in League and cups.