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  • Jlock Jlock Oct 11, 2012 14:10 Flag

    Dive, dive, dive......

    I'm not so sure. Having watched it a couple of times in slow motion, the keeper does look as though he was going to kick out, but then stopped himself. Bale looks to me to throw himself down - I didn't see a loss of footing that appeared to be caused by him evading the challenge.

    I know this is a 'what if', but I think Bale would have taken the foul had it been given. I don't see him saying '...no, he didn't make any contact...'.

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    • At the end of the day, some of you guys have played the game and I did for donkeys years, and diving's always been in there to a degree which rightly infuriates defenders and everyone else.
      But it's got to be down to the managers surely to eradicate it from their players mindset. It would take a brave man to make the effort, but think of the world wide respect he would command.
      H---spring board manufacturer.

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      • so H, maybe defenders should start diving to break up attacks...
        now that would be interesting...:)

      • I still don't follow H why ex players seem to treat the 'professional foul' as being ok, but then frown on diving. I constantly hear ex-players coming out with comments like '....if he was going for that, he should have cleaned out the player and ball....' or '...he'll take that for the team...' after a player has made a cynical challenge or purposely fouled a player.

        Why is it ok to put your arms around a player when defending a corner, but not ok to dive? Why is it ok to obstruct or foul a player who has an advantage, but not ok to dive? It just seems that 'diving' has been labelled the 'foreign disease' and because of that is treated as wrong, but fouling someone, or getting in the face of an official is seen as 'part of the game'.

        Maybe that's the answer - diving is seen as namby pamby, a 'girlie' act - only wimps dive, they should hold their ground and be kicked BUT kicking someone up in the air is manly - and it is a man's game after all. So elbowing, holding, obstructing, swearing, abusing are manly traits, diving is just girlie and there's no place for girlie traits in men's football.

        So the reason diving is frowned on is sexist. ;-)