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  • jimmy pearce jimmy pearce Oct 12, 2012 14:09 Flag

    Dive, dive, dive......

    I'm no soccer player but have played rugby for nearly 40 years, on and off...and believe me H, flaunting the laws is far more commonplace...if a ref applied the letter of the law in rugby, there would be no game, in rugby it's all about interpretation...so many 'wrong doings' for almost the whole game...whether it be kneeling, puting pressure on the opponents neck while slowly getting up from the mosh pit fist fight on the floor, to deliberately knocking a ball forward to break up an attack, when there is no chance of actually catching it, then protesting your innocence...refs cannot see all that goes on and players generally accept this...eye gouging is one of the few things that all players consider crosses the line...
    it's a mess but I love it!