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  • Alan H Alan H Oct 12, 2012 18:01 Flag

    Dive, dive, dive......

    Nice to see ye--to see ye--
    In RU the ref is a figure of respect, Jimmy, you know that full well. Any bullshyte and the captain is summoned to face the consequences and get it sorted. Plus the fact, tell the ref or a linesman to fuskc off what would happen..
    H---a television, a camera, a tea-set, a lawn mower, a picnic hamper-----

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    • yes...but it's an enforced respect...rarely will a ref get any praise, far from it...but you're right H, there is very much a feeling of 'letting your teammates down' if you transgress...as I personally know only too well, it's often simply giving too much lip...this comes from so many unpunished offences leading to a sense of grievance, leading to an unconrollable rage at life being so unfair and the wish to f****n batter someone...usually just before you get sent off...anyway, moving on...

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      • A couple of links you folks might find interesting:

        Someone else's take on Bale's diving, and a broad spread of comments underneath it: http://soccernet.espn.go.com/blog/_/name/tottenham/id/100?cc=5739#

        And some stats on players who "won" most fouls (I loathe that phrase, if someone else is caught cheating you don't "win") in the league last season: http://www.eplindex.com/17259/fouled-players-league-opta-stats-comparison.html. Suprisingly (for me) Lennon's not in the top 20.

        Someone commenting on the first article refers to Bale as "statistically one of the most fouled players in the league"; the stats say he's 20th in the fouls per mins played, and let's be honest, he's blatantly cheated for a reasonable proportion of them. I don't mind him going to ground on occasion to 'protect' himself as long as he's honest about doing that; I object to the tantrums he has to the ref afterwards.

        But back to your original question, I think the reason I don't mind e.g. shirt pulling so much is firstly because it's a variable thing (you can pull someone's shirt a little bit, but either you dive or you don't), and because most of those sorts of offences generally seem to be inkeeping with the spirit of the game in principle, but getting carried away. Professional fouls (what an oxymoron!) and diving are more cynical and intentional cheating.