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  • Evening fellow Yids.
    This is a must win game for us.
    No good going to Old Trafford and winning and then losing in your own back yard to a bunch of over rated t0ssers who parked a 37 bus and won the champions league.
    In the last two PL games against this lot we should have had all 6pts and so we need to put them to the sword.
    When you live in the south of London like me,these fcukers are everywhere and totally get in your face with how great they are with all their money, how they deserve to be where they are.
    Yes, this is going to be a tough test for us,but looking at player for player i think we can match them in all areas,and we have the home advantage in the FANS.
    2-0 at half time and 3-1 on the final whistle.
    Get in you Yids.


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    • Squeaky bum time!

      I reckon we need an injection of Adebayor, and for... some of midfield (dunno who) to be pulling the Chelsea players infield so Lennon can make more of an impact, he usually has the run of Cole.

      It seems to me to be a largely fair game, fouls have been more mistimed than cynical, so 5 yellows seems like a lot for the whole match, never mind the half. Any idea what Tom's was for? & I thought Gallas got the ball.

      However, I don't think it's a must win against the in-form side of the season so far, I think it's an ideally don't lose... obviously the better the result the better implications for us post-match, but it's not the end of the world if it a poor result.

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      • B0llocks.
        Sadly without Bale and Dembelee we looked out classed in the middle,Tom still looks a little sluggish as usual and Gilfi lacks that little bit of class as shown in his finishing.
        Thought we done well to turn it around to 2-1 but Chelsea had enough talent in midfield to get back into the game and along with some bad marking and giving the ball away cheaply(Walker)
        the chavs filled thier boots.
        The back line needs BAE back asap as VERT loves to get forward and without Bale for cover leaves the left flank open to attack.
        We seem to have lost a little pace going forward but i'm sure we can put that back together with our preferred starting 11.
        Hope that Ade and Defoe can prove that they can start playing together as Dempsey seems more of a poacher which leaves him isolated and not involved enough.
        Lessons will have been learned today and another creative midfieder needs to be bought in the Jan window.
        Just hope we bounce back with winning ways and stay in that top bit of the table......still early days!
        atb JEFFALL COYS

      • i thought we did really well with a much weakened team.
        + we had hudd on the pitch which reallly means we are a man light!

        lets face it, chelsea are a much better team. & we had key players like dembele & bale out. we also could have done with parker instead of hudd. at least sandro wouldnt then be on his own against the 3 chelsea players.

        i thought we lose before i saw demebele & bale were out.
        so 4-2 of which 1 was a last min goal is nothing to be ashamed of.

        great to see gallas get his first goal finally.
        & another well taken goal from defoe & his 200th.

        i think avb made a mistake playing hudd who isnt just good enough for a top 6 team. i know livermore isnt great, but at least him running around putting in tackles would have been better than hudd trotting around.

        anyway. a defeat but a good effort with a weakened team against a much better team.

        chelsea still need to get another striker thou. falcao would be a huge improvement on torres.