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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Oct 21, 2012 17:58 Flag


    Thing is, I think that's fairly similar to last season; overall I wasn't that impressed by the performances last year but we always seemed nearly there.

    According to some of the 'news' papers Adebayor's had crisis talks with AVB about not starting, but as all the commenters on their websites point out, his protracted transfer meant he didn't have a proper pre-season so his fitness was low, then he got a little injury, so it's only a few games that he's just not been favoured for. It looks like AVB will play him in a similar position to Defoe's, and you never drop an in form striker, but he'll get his chance.

    Re Livermore, he's trying to bring Hudd back slowly since he had such a big injury, so it makes sense to me that Livermore came on for him when he did. SB, I don't share your view on Hudd, I thought he was on cracking form 18 months ago but he spent a year out with injury, he'll be a bit rusty for a while - that's why AVB wanted to sent him on loan. We can't know at this stage whether or not he'll find it again, but fingers crossed he does.

    John, I agree about the subs, it really worried me from the off; I quite often feel we need an attacking MF type player to come on around 65 mins to give the team a boost, and there were no 'game changers' on the bench.