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  • i dont think we have played that well for most of this season.
    last season we were awful from xmas onwards, bar 3 or 4 games.

    i dont get the ade story. he missed pre season and then he did his hamstring in. so he has only missed starting 2 or 3 games.
    even then, we dont want to rush him back.

    the thing is, we will be playing a lot of games so u could easily rotate between defoe & ade. some games even play them together. also both are going to pick up injuries.
    so overall, they will both play lots of games.

    i never thought hudd was in cracking form. for me, he does a couple of good long balls and the odd screamer.

    the game has become so quick and more about the middle of the park. so to have him plodding about in the middle is a hinderance to our team.

    he is paid a lot of money by our club which at the end of the day is hard earnt money spent by fans. yet he still cant be bothered to get in shape. i think he shows a huge lack of desire & commitment. we dont need players like that.

    our bench was weak but thats because we had the following missing-