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  • Goes to show we all see things differently. I don't think we were awful after last Christmas bar 3 or 4 games. The way I saw it, it was the other way round. I thought we played ok, apart from 3 or 4 games. Norwich (H), Woolwich (A) being the main examples of being poor in the league. BUT we didn't get the results when we did play well (unlike at Utd this season where we didn't play for large parts of the game, but got a good result).
    Utd (H) - I thought we should have won as well as Everton (A) - and at least got a result at QPR.

    T'Hudd - I think the man is ok. I don't think AVB would be playing the man if he thought he wasn't 'fit' or in shape - given Livermore was available - and AVB/Spurs were trying to offload T'Hudd - so to play him, must show some form of confidence in him.

    The subs bench - isn't that the point of having a strong squad ie to cater for when you have injuries across the board? I don't think the thinning of the squad was AVB as such - that seemed like a Levy thing given the timings.