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    Bit early to be talking about next week's game I realise, but I've come across this which is quite interesting:


    Bit of background on the history between the clubs (e.g. did you know we played each other 16 times during WW2? And other obscure facts), as well as For & Against total numbers etc.

    The short version is we pretty much end up even over the last 330-odd games, Chelsea have a slight edge (our record against them is apparently 48.67%) but there's everything to play for folks!

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    • thanks NBR...basically. until they got the Russian money, as we all thought, we'd stuffed them for decades!

    • What a boring Weekend with no prem footie no Soccer Saturday no MOTD no Super Sunday :-(

      Roll on next weekend

    • He puts an awful lot of effort into that site.

      I still don't follow this '...we always lose/win against them...' bit. How can that work, when it's a different team, different manager, different footballing philosophy? But it seems to - teams do have bogey teams.

      But the good news is that over the past few years we've broken more and more of these hoodoos.

      I'd still like us to play two halves of good football. Maybe this is the game.

      I'm still a bit lost as to the changes that AVB was to bring in - the high line, the pressing etc. I don't see much difference to before, just a bit slower in the passing - but to me that was to be expected given the changes in midfield.

    • Evening fellow Yids.
      This is a must win game for us.
      No good going to Old Trafford and winning and then losing in your own back yard to a bunch of over rated t0ssers who parked a 37 bus and won the champions league.
      In the last two PL games against this lot we should have had all 6pts and so we need to put them to the sword.
      When you live in the south of London like me,these fcukers are everywhere and totally get in your face with how great they are with all their money, how they deserve to be where they are.
      Yes, this is going to be a tough test for us,but looking at player for player i think we can match them in all areas,and we have the home advantage in the FANS.
      2-0 at half time and 3-1 on the final whistle.
      Get in you Yids.


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      • Squeaky bum time!

        I reckon we need an injection of Adebayor, and for... some of midfield (dunno who) to be pulling the Chelsea players infield so Lennon can make more of an impact, he usually has the run of Cole.

        It seems to me to be a largely fair game, fouls have been more mistimed than cynical, so 5 yellows seems like a lot for the whole match, never mind the half. Any idea what Tom's was for? & I thought Gallas got the ball.

        However, I don't think it's a must win against the in-form side of the season so far, I think it's an ideally don't lose... obviously the better the result the better implications for us post-match, but it's not the end of the world if it a poor result.

    • Thing is, I think that's fairly similar to last season; overall I wasn't that impressed by the performances last year but we always seemed nearly there.

      According to some of the 'news' papers Adebayor's had crisis talks with AVB about not starting, but as all the commenters on their websites point out, his protracted transfer meant he didn't have a proper pre-season so his fitness was low, then he got a little injury, so it's only a few games that he's just not been favoured for. It looks like AVB will play him in a similar position to Defoe's, and you never drop an in form striker, but he'll get his chance.

      Re Livermore, he's trying to bring Hudd back slowly since he had such a big injury, so it makes sense to me that Livermore came on for him when he did. SB, I don't share your view on Hudd, I thought he was on cracking form 18 months ago but he spent a year out with injury, he'll be a bit rusty for a while - that's why AVB wanted to sent him on loan. We can't know at this stage whether or not he'll find it again, but fingers crossed he does.

      John, I agree about the subs, it really worried me from the off; I quite often feel we need an attacking MF type player to come on around 65 mins to give the team a boost, and there were no 'game changers' on the bench.

    • i dont think we have played that well for most of this season.
      last season we were awful from xmas onwards, bar 3 or 4 games.

      i dont get the ade story. he missed pre season and then he did his hamstring in. so he has only missed starting 2 or 3 games.
      even then, we dont want to rush him back.

      the thing is, we will be playing a lot of games so u could easily rotate between defoe & ade. some games even play them together. also both are going to pick up injuries.
      so overall, they will both play lots of games.

      i never thought hudd was in cracking form. for me, he does a couple of good long balls and the odd screamer.

      the game has become so quick and more about the middle of the park. so to have him plodding about in the middle is a hinderance to our team.

      he is paid a lot of money by our club which at the end of the day is hard earnt money spent by fans. yet he still cant be bothered to get in shape. i think he shows a huge lack of desire & commitment. we dont need players like that.

      our bench was weak but thats because we had the following missing-


    • Goes to show we all see things differently. I don't think we were awful after last Christmas bar 3 or 4 games. The way I saw it, it was the other way round. I thought we played ok, apart from 3 or 4 games. Norwich (H), Woolwich (A) being the main examples of being poor in the league. BUT we didn't get the results when we did play well (unlike at Utd this season where we didn't play for large parts of the game, but got a good result).
      Utd (H) - I thought we should have won as well as Everton (A) - and at least got a result at QPR.

      T'Hudd - I think the man is ok. I don't think AVB would be playing the man if he thought he wasn't 'fit' or in shape - given Livermore was available - and AVB/Spurs were trying to offload T'Hudd - so to play him, must show some form of confidence in him.

      The subs bench - isn't that the point of having a strong squad ie to cater for when you have injuries across the board? I don't think the thinning of the squad was AVB as such - that seemed like a Levy thing given the timings.

    • I don't think it's a fitness thing for Hudd either (well, I think it's match fitness rather than general fitness), his game is much more Scholes- or even King-esque in that it's about precision and positioning. You'd never expect him to out run Lennon but you'd expect him to have a more accurate cross.

      For me it's whether or not that fits in a team that has Sandro, Parker, Livermore and Dembele (he used to do the box-to-box bit sometimes too) that's the question, and whether he'll retrieve enough form to oust any of them.

      But then he's long been a player who's divided opinion!