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  • Joe Joe Oct 17, 2012 12:53 Flag

    Danny Rose and Serbia

    NBR- you nailed it with your first three words!

    This sort of behaviour makes me embarrassed to be a football fan, the comments left at the bottom of this link highlight just how serious, a problem we face.

    There is NO excuse, ignorance or lack of education will be used, but IMO Serbia should be banned from competing in any footballing arena for 5 years.

    Well done Danny! massive respect!

    FA delegates need to grow some balls and lead the England team off the pitch if ever this type of thing happens again.


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    • I'd not looked at the comments before, I'm honestly shocked. It's one thing in a stadium, mob mentality takes over etc etc, but to have such considered abuse is really shocking. It makes me glad there are a fair few comments I can't read, I dread to think what they'd say...