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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Oct 17, 2012 20:30 Flag

    Danny Rose and Serbia

    I think he and a couple of others were singled out for abuse based on race to begin with (before it was anyone & everyone), by the end it might not have been that specific but the behaviour was extreme and unforgivable

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    • the serbs are well known racists. they hate black people & made that clear again at the end of the match.
      they werent just picking on the black part to wind up the black players. they genuniely hate black people.
      similar to most countries in that neck of the woods.
      mainly through being highly uneducated.... i hope!

      but i get johns point. its like u can say a persons skin colour followed by an insult but not be a racist.
      like u can say u fat -insult here- & not be a fatist.
      im sure fatist isnt a real word, but u get my drift.