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  • Joe Joe Oct 20, 2012 11:20 Flag

    Lazio fined for racism at Spurs


    'Utterly, Embarassing, Feckless, Autocracy'

    Lazio's, and Serbia's fans must be guilty of criminal offences? surely we have European laws which make this behavior Illegal?

    Inciting racial hatred?

    If UEFA aren't going to do anything of note surely our legal framework can bring these clubs/individuals to account?


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    • In cases like this it would be good if the authorities published a summary report of how the decisions were reached; I've got the 60+ page report re JT but haven't yet bothered to read it.

      I'd like to think there must be some method to how these decisions are reached, but it doesn't appear consistent and as a result fans are infuriated and lose faith in governing bodies. If we knew why the fines for clubs & nations were so low compared to player fines we might be more forgiving, or countries FAs would have to bring their fines into line.

      Domestically, it looks like the Kick It Out campaign could be reaching crisis, I think I've seen 7 players names so far who've not worn the T-shirts today because they don't believe the campaign is working, and another 3 wore them but removed them as soon as the stadium announcers started talking about it. Something's got to change.

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      • just to ruffle a few of your feathers.

        i posted this to my utd fans on their board-

        oh & im also poking fun at the sad human condition called jumping on your high horse.
        people get on the high horse over things like race, child abuse etc.
        dont get me wrong im against these things too. NSPCC is my charity of choice! & this racist here volunteers with helping single parent family immigrants. but hey thats just me with my big racist chip on my shoulder. whereas u non racists do what? speak out? wow, real heroes!

        but as u are up there on your high horse speaking out against racism,peados or whatevers the in thing.

        u then go & ....

        support & fund child slavery & abuse.!

        support & fund inhumane animal cruelty, suffering & needless suffering!

        & lets be honest, most of the children who are suffering are a different race to us.

        but im sure they will feel good in the knowledge u call the daily mail the daily nazi & u call bnp morons, so u can feel better about yourselves.

        & whats the best argument u so called clever people come up with?!

        well, u do it too layla. or everyone else does it.
        & u cant see the irony in callling yourself clever!

        i should get a ghost writer to help me write a book exposing the human high horse condition.
        & when friendly casper helps me write it, il send u a copy.

        lets face it, il need a very hands on ghost writer! yes, u can poke fun at yourself when u arent scared of falling off your horse!

        dont worry, im no different. i get on my high horse about familys who let their children down. so im probably way to harsh on cheating mums or dads!