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  • Jlock Jlock Oct 22, 2012 12:22 Flag

    My take on the Chelsea defeat

    The stats showed we had a go at Chelsea - totally agree - that agrees with what I saw of the game.
    But, even though we had the chances, a large proportion of them fell to the more defensive players - which is fine in itself, and I have no problem with that as a goal from any player is a good goal. But where I thought the Chavs had the edge was they seemed to find the ball between our defenders. There seemed to be a faster more purposeful feel to their approach - that is what I felt we had developed over the past couple of seasons - not just keeping and passing the ball for the heck of it, but with a definite 'thrust' and purpose.
    Maybe yesterday was lacking because of Bale and Dembele being out, but that 'spark' seems to me to have been generally missing in the games so far (apart from in small cameos - like the 15 minutes after half time yesterday). Maybe that is simply down to the team getting used to their new roles.

    As for Walker, the man is young. Like most 'new' talents, they get over hyped. He's never been as good defending as going forward IMHO - but he'll learn. I didn't get the bit with Mata though - it seemed when he kicked the ball at Mata, given Mata was already off the pitch, that he had some form of grudge, but I didn't recall anything happening between them prior to that. Bit odd.