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    My take on the Chelsea defeat

    According to Yahoo we had 26 shots to Chelsea's 10. 10 of ours on target to 7 of theirs. Does suggest we were doing something right.

    Chelsea got the result from better finishing from what little I saw on MOTD and on here. But mostly because of our defensive errors. They also blocked 7 of our shots but we didn't block 1 of theirs.
    2 goals from really poor defensive clearances by Gallas and 2 errors from Walker = 4 goals for Chelsea.

    Cahill........ header from Gallas back into the middle of the penalty area for an excellent volley from Cahill.

    Mata....... poor clearance again from Gallas that went straight to Mata

    Mata..... his run wasn't covered by Walker leaving Gallas exposed

    Sturridge..... Walker lost the ball to Mata on the touch line when he should of put it into the stands.

    Also on Kyle Walker, I read he's closed his Twitter account because of abuse from fans. Now he was voted best young player last year but is still 22 and learning the game. Yes, as I have said IMO he's at fault for 2 goals yesterday and I don't think he's playing as well as last season but get behind him not crucify him.

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    • Evening ffellow Yids.
      Your'e pretty much much spot on with what you saw and said LTS and as much as i hate to admit it,Chelsea always looked fairly comfortable during the 90mins, apart from the 10 or so mins in the second half as mentioned by Di Matteo in his post match interview when we went 2-1 up.
      For me,this was the time for us to step it up a gear,to focus,stop giving the ball away cheaply and then go hunting for that next goal which i'm sure would have put this game to bed.
      Sadly without the likes of Bale terrorising thier left flank and bringing in god knows what sot of challenges from denders and Dembeles' driving abilitys going forward then the result would have been different.
      I spoke to a Chelsea fan today and he actually said how pleased he was to see Bale and Dembele not starting,which i'm sure was the same feeling for Di Matteo and his squad,exactly the same for us,had Mata and Hazard had not been playing and fair play to AVB for not blaming our loss on 20% of the favouered team missing.
      Still would have liked to started with ADE and DEFOE up front which would have definately given more of the defence to cope with.
      Lets just hope that when we meet them at the Bridge,they have two key players missing(and i don't mean hopalong Terry,but more like Mata,Hazard,Cole you get my drift)that the outcome will be totally different.
      Chelsea are a team we no longer fear as proven over the last six years and although they're on a good run of form they definately caught us on a bad day,especially team wise.
      Weekend ruined but moving on.

    • LTS,
      The stats showed we had a go at Chelsea - totally agree - that agrees with what I saw of the game.
      But, even though we had the chances, a large proportion of them fell to the more defensive players - which is fine in itself, and I have no problem with that as a goal from any player is a good goal. But where I thought the Chavs had the edge was they seemed to find the ball between our defenders. There seemed to be a faster more purposeful feel to their approach - that is what I felt we had developed over the past couple of seasons - not just keeping and passing the ball for the heck of it, but with a definite 'thrust' and purpose.
      Maybe yesterday was lacking because of Bale and Dembele being out, but that 'spark' seems to me to have been generally missing in the games so far (apart from in small cameos - like the 15 minutes after half time yesterday). Maybe that is simply down to the team getting used to their new roles.

      As for Walker, the man is young. Like most 'new' talents, they get over hyped. He's never been as good defending as going forward IMHO - but he'll learn. I didn't get the bit with Mata though - it seemed when he kicked the ball at Mata, given Mata was already off the pitch, that he had some form of grudge, but I didn't recall anything happening between them prior to that. Bit odd.