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  • Joe Joe Oct 23, 2012 10:31 Flag

    Is it me...?


    Our legal system has always been open to manipulation, the more money you have the more malleable it becomes. Footballers are currently the ones with the funds available to exploit the loopholes and laws.

    Even with the video clearly showing Terry using racially abusive language there is an element of doubt, because of context (bullshyte IMO, but they're the laws). I imagine the delay in this case was due to legal teams gathering evidence.

    'the wrong message' becomes subjective, there are people who feel Terry is a victim in all this. Some people would believe the Mugger, was a victim of a society! (bull, but I've heard people defend burglars with this) the fan who slapped kirkland is difficult to defend because of the weight of evidence against him.

    Laws and the way they are used have never been fair or consistent and IMO they are never likely to be- there are so many variables to consider, all of which have the potential to completely change what may seem an obvious decision.

    What are your thoughts on Rio's proposed Black player Federation?


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    • I'll start with your question. I think setting up a 'black' player federation is in itself actually racist. I'm not being funny there. But if that was done for 'white' players, there would be all sorts of uproar.
      Surely, the whole point about defeating racism is to have ALL races, creeds and colours together. NOT introducing some form of apartheid. Seems like the brainchild of a single celled amoeba (and that is being amoebaist) to me.

      I wasn't trying to get back to Terry per se, it was just with the Kirkland thing it seemed that football, the players and managers, were all treated as special cases. Because racism was 'high profile', Terry gets charged for a comment on a football pitch (that IMHO was insulting rather than racist - as if you take each word in its context Terry never actually thought that Ferdinand was having sex as a black sexual organ - so why focus on black as being something that was actually meant to be taken literally rather than as an insult). BUT, we then see a football fan sent to prison for assaulting a player, when players who assault players/managers/officials on the pitch (and I don't mean dodgy tackles here) or at the pitch side (Gattuso/Jordan comes to mind, Pardew and the linesman (! just for H), Mourinho gouging etc) do not get charged.
      Then as I say, some poor old dear gets mugged, the crime is also on camera. The offender gets caught, goes to court, courts the judge by wearing a natty suit, and gets off with a ASBO. Is slapping Kirkland a worse crime than mugging or frightening someone who may be truly scarred by the incident? Ditto for true ...ist crimes - where peoples lives are really affected by an '...ism'. Was Ferdinand truly upset by the Terry abuse - I'm not so sure - and what abuse does he (Ferdinand) come out with each week to other players?

      It just seems that anything around the periphery of football gets blown out of proportion.

      I know the justice system is biased (if you want true 'bias' in a really scary way look at the Old Bailey case archives from the 17th/18th centuries on line), but the latest 'let's look as though we're doing something' for the media bit just seems a bit cynical to me.