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  • Jlock Jlock Oct 25, 2012 11:15 Flag

    Is it me...?

    Still there Joe.

    I totally agree that JT was being offensive and used black to be offensive. So, in that context was 'racist' - but the act wasn't racist - it was insulting. If Anton had been gay, I would guess that JT would have used another term apart from black. The aim WAS to be offensive. He hoped that Ferdinand would take offense at ALL the words he used. That was his aim.

    I tend to to see true '...ism' as where you purposely and continually do something to put down/hurt that 'thing' object. IE if I hated women and I purposely didn't employ them, or spat at them each time I saw them or stopped them using my taxi or stopped them coming in my restaurant or....- then that to me is racist. To call a single woman '...you b****y woman...', when I have nothing against women in general, is just being offensive in general.
    There is a difference to me. (That all got bogged down in JT again - rather than football being treated differently)

    As for justifiable / not justifiable acts of '....ism':
    Paying different because of gender for the same job. NOT OK.
    Charging different for insurance, where a gender/age group is shown to have a better record. OK (if it's not ok to differentiate by gender, then why is ok to differentiate by age or even post code?) - as it is based on a proven risk assessment.

    I know the law is biased. It always has been, from the outset when the powerful murdered and stole the land to became 'lords' or kings, and then presided over drafting of laws to condemn those who stole or murdered. But the levelling of law is what it all should be about. Not continuing to make special cases - which is what I appear to see happening more and more with celebrity and football in particular. To me its a bit like this black player federation - condoning that would be such a step back - as what you want is integration and fairness across the board. Ditto for the law. The law should be applied the same to all, not justifying different use of law in 'special cases'. With knowledge and 'wisdom'.

    If we met, and you slapped me like the fan did Kirkland, do you really think that a jail sentence would be warranted? (I think SB and Sfer would probably think it was warranted ;-)). I bet, if the event was caught on camera, I would have a hard time even getting the police to come out and recognise that anything happened at all, let alone bother trying to take it to court.

    Anyway, what do you think about the game today - no Bale, no Ade....sounds like the subject of another thread to me?