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  • Joe Joe Oct 25, 2012 13:13 Flag

    Is it me...?


    I agree, and your analogy makes perfect sense. I think Terry is guilty of using racially offensive language, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's a racist, IMO if he were he would not be where he is today.

    Again, I agree regarding the Black Federation, IMO it would be regression and fuel the fire of the bigots and tiny minded people.

    'The law should be applied the same to all, not justifying different use of law in 'special cases'. With knowledge and 'wisdom'.'

    In theory I agree, however there are incidents where common sense has to prevail over law/rules as there are extenuating circumstances IE: Getting caught speeding, whilst taking someone to hospital, who is in urgent need of medical attention. The law says, no you deserve 3 points, with all the facts and proof the points are likely to be rescind.

    Maybe the laws/rules need to be written to accommodate such circumstances? But in my experience even police officers are happy with many of the laws/rules we have as they allow for interpretation and common sense decisions.

    IMO many of our laws need revision, but that is entirely a different debate.

    Probably your right with regards to Kirkland, If the same thing occurred during a Sunday league game, I doubt the fan would be punished to the same extent. This could be due to the difference in perceived loss/risk, as in the FA/Championship have more to lose/risk if they are not seen to be taking stern action, in order to prevent a re-occurrence.

    I definitely agree Re: SB and Sfer, I would expect to be roundly applauded if I slapped you, if it was recorded I'd be selling DVD's or £5 a pop and I imagine you'd be ridiculed for diving better than Tom Daley.

    Definitely time for a Maribor thread! I think we will find them a real test, gutted for Ade!