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    After the distinct failure of English clubs in the CL this week, what odds us at Maribor?

    No Dembele, Bale or Ade and Lloris apparently to start.

    AVB has stated and shown by the team selections that he wants to do well in Europe as well as the domestic competitions. I'm still not sure that you can sustain attempts on 4 fronts without using the full depth of the squad, so it will be interesting to see who AVB puts out tonight.

    I'm still hoping for a good 90 minutes. We showed again against the Chavs, the we can play - all be it for 15 minutes that time - and get at teams. So hopefully tonight, we'll see a 90 minute performance, with a few goals. I'd like to see Sigurdsson score a couple, as I think he'll (and Dempsey for that matter) settle more after he feels he's earned his place (or at least I hope he does).

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    • Lts,
      Thanks for the advice - I actually did try that first thing this morning after the tea git my brain in gear, but I couldn't find anything via the Vision 'on demand' bit - the search showed up load of ESPN stuff, but nowt from ITV.

      I would try again later, but from what's been said here and on the 'Spurs media watch', I think I was/am probably better off not seeing it!

      The Saints game is 3pm Sunday isn't it? So at least should be on Sky's Football First - I may just record it........

    • I felt similarly but I'm pleased I stayed to watch the Pool game. Yet again they were superior to their opponents and played some good stuff, if only we had sacked HR earlier we might have their manager in charge at the lane. Would it have made much difference? I think so, his players at least have the appetite to play at pace and with endeavour. Unlike the team from WHL in our last 2 away "performances". We should have 9 points from our 3 games, all 3 we "could and should" have won with a bot of effort.

    • I turned the tv off midway through the second half fearing for my sanity and safety of our tv that i was close to throwing something at.
      That was garbage but seemed a fairly typical
      spurs performance in as much as we struggle to score against team's that sit back against us, good or bad with the odd exception. Im not knocking AVB necessairly as this has been happening a long time but it certainly is frustrating.Hopefully when we get back all our
      injured players we will look far more cohesive and be more effective.We shall see.

    • Well, that's not boding well for the away trip to St Mary's, as even though the Saints have been leaking goals away, they've also scored a few at home (their home for/against is akin to ours, given that they have played one less at home).

      But following on from the Chav defeat, a win away would balance the books a bit.

      Bale is back, and presumably Ade's 'bad back' will have recovered enough for him to at least be on the bench.

    • John try ITV player for a repeat if you really want to feel bad.
      Same sort of performance as in Greece.
      No pace and certainly no interest in trying to play. Was dire, be warned!!!!
      No one came out with any praise IMO.

    • Rushed home from work to find 11 guys running around in Spurs shirts.
      Not quite sure that it was any of our boys, as they were totally dog sh1t and didn't have a clue what to do with the sunday side they were playing.
      If this is the best we can do without some key players,then we might as well throw the towel in now.
      Absolutely dissgraceful.

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      • Jeff,
        I haven't seen the game.
        I taped it on Sky and also on a BT Vision box (assessing to see if it's worth dropping Sky) - just to be on the safe side. By mistake, I pressed yellow on the Sky recording at about 9pm (I had a mental block and was trying to stop the recording as ITV bundled our an Pools game - so should have pressed record again (why don't Sky have a 'Do you really want to delete this?' message)) - only to find the whole BT Vision box had 'hung' during the recording and after rebooting, said that it had recorded it - but only the first 3 seconds.
        Frustrating - but partially my fault.

        I take it from your comments that we didn't hit the heights for 90 minutes then? I also see from the write ups that we had a pretty poor game overall and that T'Hudd was partly to blame for their goal. AVB seemed satisfied with the result though.

    • Our chances? Slimmer than they were a week ago!

      There seems to be a dramatic improvement in the quality of football in Easten Europe, we could well be in for a bit of a tough game, especially with Bale, Ade, BAE, Younes and Dembele all missing.

      IMO our squad cannot continue to compete on all 4 front's, not unless Townsend, Livermore, Falque, Naughton et al can raise their game and sustain it.

      Gylfi and Dempsey are in need of some goals, just to help their confidence, I see both as being vital to our cause this season and currently they have been a little flat, Gylfi especially has a lot of potential. Mind you Dempsey has just flown half way round the world to help secure a win over Antigua-Barbuda! He's probably knackered.

      It will be interesting to see who starts on the left wing! IMO Dempsey is not a winger.

      COYS! COYS!

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      • The team to me hasn't played badly, just not overly well - but that is totally understandable with the changes that have occurred. I don't think it will take much to see the best from them again. A good win (not just a good result like Utd), with a few goals and I think we'll press on. I'm not around to watch it live tonight, but I'll be watching a recording later - hopefully either this game or the match at St Mary's will see the team gel for 90 (or at least 75+ minutes).

        Lemmon so far has seemed to me to be back to his best. He seems to want to take players on again. But from what I've seen, he's done this before - faded, come back and then faded again. Here's to this time it being a permanent change for the good.

        Maybe AVB will use Townsend tonight - or even Falque. Odd that Falque didn't make it at Saints either. I wonder if it is an attitude rather than ability thing like Two Saints?