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  • Sfer Sfer Oct 26, 2012 13:58 Flag

    Here we go again

    Not saying Lennon is not a good player - just not Captain material as proved last night. I didn't see him shouting at anybody but if he did it didn't make any difference did it!
    The Captain needs to be a big personality who demands respect. Lennon is not that is he. He has done ok this season so far - not brilliant but ok. He still does not cross the ball as well as he should, his passing is average as is his tackiling. His asset is his speed buit he does not use that as much as he should - again, look at last night.

    A Captain is someone who, such as last night when the team was not performing, either lifts the team by setting an example or uses a carrot or stick, depending on who he is aiming at, to get his team mates to play better. Hate to say it but...al la Roy Keen. Lennon by comparison is a mouse.