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  • Sfer Sfer Oct 26, 2012 10:23 Flag

    Here we go again

    The game against Maribor was a huge step backwards IMO. The players were lack lustre, giving the ball away was almost compulsory, no cohesion at all and all together absolute rubbish against a side that Birmingham beat 2-1.

    Whilst Hudd had another absolute nightmare and I would love to say he was the worst player on the park (which he almost was) Townsend was even worse. Sig may have got the goal but he was also crap.

    However, whilst just about everybody on the park looked like they had never kicked a ball before, for me it was once again a case of the tactics being all wrong. Again we had little Defoe completely isolated but this time we also had no width. Lennon, who started on the right against a right footed left back, kept coming inside but then swapped to the left wing leaving Townsend, who couldn't trap a bag of manure, on the right. Sandro at least tried but slipped over so many times I thought he was wearing slippers. Hudd gave the ball away with long cross field balls so many times it was embarrassing but then he spent most of his time as a third centre back - presumably trying to hide somewhere he wouldn't get the ball. Even Fowler commented on how poorly he was playing.

    Walker got caught out of position several times and Naughton looked like he was unfit. Completely at a loss to understand what went wrong but one thing is for sure, if we keep playing like this we will once again have a very mundane season ahead.

    One last thought - would we have pulled our socks up and got stuck in if we had a proper leader on the park? Someone like Parker who would wind everybody up to at least put more effort in. Unfortunately our Captain for the night was.......Lennon. I have never seen him even speak (can he talk??) let alone show any passion whatsoever on or off the park. Is Lennon the inspriational leader that Spurs need?

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    • not looking good is it sfer.

      we have quite a strong 1st 11 but we rely too heavily on our key players. we are still missing a modric replacement too.
      i fear we have missed out on our chance to get moutinho.

      dont get me started on hudd. he was awful again. defensively he is a liability. & apart from the odd long pass & odd long shot, he offers nothing going foward. stoke is more his level.
      his lack of fitness shows his lack of desire & commitment to spurs.

      so far sig & dempsey havent really settled in & impressed yet.
      but dempsey has mainly being played out of position.
      whereas sig has just been poor.
      but got to give them time.
      hudd has had plenty of time & has never done it!

      i was shocked when i saw we have given townsend a 4yr contract! never going to be good enough for us.
      he didnt really impress much in the championship either.

      yes i too find myself agreeing with fowler. apart from the odd long pass does he actually contribute.

      i dont understand making lennon captain either.

      we have missed parker this season. sandro has been great but sometimes he needs help or a break because he does so much leg work. we could have done with parker against chelsea.

      its going to be a long season. i still think 6th is a good target considering team & manager we have got.

      top 3 is done & dusted.

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      • I watched Willian against Chelsea and was most impressed, so I hope we renew our interest in Jan, especially as he has issued a " come and get me " statement. Hopefully we can still get Moutino because I think we were very close in the summer. The thing we are lacking throughout the squad now is anyone with genuine flair and sharpness. Some people asked, is Modric really any good? he dont score goals ect, but I think we can see exactly what he did, and thats set the tempo of our play, and the ability to get out of tight spots and keep moves flowing. now we lack anyone with creativity, and only have Dembele with any purpose about their play. On last night, I agree with most things ( Sandro needs to stop thinking he's Brazilian ) and trying to dribble his way pass players, and stick to what he does best. The one point I would disagree about is Lennon. although he didnt really take on the full backs enough, I thought he showed a lot of energy and desire and while he might be seen as an odd choice for captain, I saw him at least three times having ago at some of our player's for not doing the simple, basic thing's in strong terms and I was pleased to see he took the armband seriously.