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  • Layla Layla Oct 28, 2012 20:34 Flag

    Attack Stat; Saints

    with hudd in the middle we are always going to be missing in that area, especially as he is alongside DM.

    things will look a lot better when demebele is back.
    but ideally we need a playmaker like moutinho or banega.

    i dont think vdv would have made a difference today.
    i mean he played for the last 5 months of last season, & overall he was poor & we looked really off balance with him.

    if anything, vdv upsets the whole balance of the team.

    so he is the last thing we need to address this.

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    • I think we looked pretty comfortable today, especially in the first half.

      When we play Defoe up front on his own, I think Lennon and Bale have to come in more to stop him being isolated. If or when Ade gets a game I think you'll see us crossing from wider positions.

      I thought Lennon looked particularly good today, some of his passing was impressive. We are still missing a number of starters and our squad is still 'gelling', if Defoe had made more of his early opportunities we would have been out of sight, his interplay seems to have got a lot better this season.

      VDV is and was a quality player, however I think SB has a point, despite his quality he played deeper than any forward or AMC I've ever seen. Maybe if we only had to accommodate him or Modric, we would see a different side of his game, but personally I'd prefer a Willian, Affelay style of player instead.

      The way our defence went to bits in the second half was worrying, AVB, Please give Daws a go!


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      • I am not so worried by these stats although I agree that, given the pace of the wide players we have, we should be going down the wings more than we do.

        The reason I am not woried though is our strength is the speed of our attackes and not just the width. Bale sprinting out of defence should go where he thinks the gap is - if that is wide so be it but it can be just as often through the middle with the defence being pulled out of there by Lennon and Defoe runs.

        The size of Defoe is not a problem if the wide players are getting to the by line fast and delivering crosses inbetween the defence and the keeper as it does not matter much how big you are then. However, it does matter how many players are getting in the box on these ocassions and it seems to me thats where it goes wrong.

        Also, if we are forced into a slower attack it seems we lack A)players in the box and B) enough flair to make that killer pass. With Defoe on his own we also lack that option of a ball high into the box (not that I like that but to have it as an option has to be a good thing in certain circumstances).

        So, soaking it up and bursting out of defence with Bale, Lennon, Defoe, Walker etc racing up the park taking on a back tracking defence is IMO our biggest threat. Attacking a stable, well organised, entranched defence is our weakest ability.

        VDV was IMO a hinderence to the side. You never knew where he was going to be which made finding him with a pass difficult and we didn't need another CB which is where he seemed to be found most of the time.

        Lastly, we looked fragile at the back but with an inexperienced Caulker and a slightly slow Gallas, what do you expect. Plus Walker seems to have gone a bit backwards as far as his defensive duties are concerned. We should get better with Kaboul back and verthogen able to play in the middle rather than covering LB.