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    Attack Stat; Saints

    Just saw this factoid flash up at the end of the saints game and thought it was staggering: 75% of our attacks in that game went through the centre 3rd of the pitch, with 11% on left & 14% on right.

    When we're playing with Bale, Lennon and Walker in supposedly wide positions, it's absolutely outrageous that we're no using the flanks more! And what's particularly interesting is that s'ton's stats were pretty much even over all 3 areas, so it's not like we were trying to balance/counteract their play.


    P.S. I still think we're missing the vdv-esque player...

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    • Evening fellow yids.
      Watched the game on football first last night and as some of you have mentioned we looked ok,and had Defoe of worn his football boots on instead of the groundsmen toe tectors, perhaps we could of gone off 3 or 4 nil up at half time.
      Rumour has it that he took out 2 pigeons and an Eagle with the last shot it was that high.
      Joking aside, i thought Hudd looked ok in the first half as he was giving decent balls left and right and seemed to be up to play with the rest of the team.
      I thought i might just mention that as he is definately the player under our radar at the mo.
      However the second half was a diffrerent story.
      The Saints came out and upped it a gear and we seemed to fall apart.
      Walker seems to be doing what he wants and not what he should be doing,-Vert looked like he was running out of steam,-thier was no shape,-no leadership and to be honest we were lucky to get the win as i don't remember thier keeper having to make a decent save of any sort.
      Another thing that sprung to mind is that i don't remember Caulker making any defensive headers or cynical challenges, which has always been a part of DAWS game,and as i think SFER pointed out we need him back NOW!
      He's just coming up for 29yrs old,and is a Spurs player through and through and the sooner AVB realises this the better.
      One things for certain is that he would put Walker in his place and give us back a fairly solid back 4 instead of the all over the place one we have at the mo.
      Anyway, rant over and looking forward to more thoughtfull SURS.
      .......atb......JEFFALL ..........COYS

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      • Only just seen the game.
        The comments already made here seem to sum it up.

        I thought Lemmon again looked good when on the ball, and T'Hudd did ok.

        Even the first half wasn't 'sparkling' stuff was it - an able performance but not stunning. The second half - well, it lacked a bit. I thought Saints were unlucky not to get the draw.

        But another win - young Andre seems to have a knack of getting results from poor performances - very good in a way. I'd still like a few more convincing overall performances though.

    • with hudd in the middle we are always going to be missing in that area, especially as he is alongside DM.

      things will look a lot better when demebele is back.
      but ideally we need a playmaker like moutinho or banega.

      i dont think vdv would have made a difference today.
      i mean he played for the last 5 months of last season, & overall he was poor & we looked really off balance with him.

      if anything, vdv upsets the whole balance of the team.

      so he is the last thing we need to address this.

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      • I think we looked pretty comfortable today, especially in the first half.

        When we play Defoe up front on his own, I think Lennon and Bale have to come in more to stop him being isolated. If or when Ade gets a game I think you'll see us crossing from wider positions.

        I thought Lennon looked particularly good today, some of his passing was impressive. We are still missing a number of starters and our squad is still 'gelling', if Defoe had made more of his early opportunities we would have been out of sight, his interplay seems to have got a lot better this season.

        VDV is and was a quality player, however I think SB has a point, despite his quality he played deeper than any forward or AMC I've ever seen. Maybe if we only had to accommodate him or Modric, we would see a different side of his game, but personally I'd prefer a Willian, Affelay style of player instead.

        The way our defence went to bits in the second half was worrying, AVB, Please give Daws a go!