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  • Jlock Jlock Nov 2, 2012 10:39 Flag

    Walker - Digging a hole?

    I like Kyle Walker - a young kid who is doing well. He makes mistakes,but doesn't everyone, and hopefully he'll learn from them to make him a better player.

    I was concerned though after the Norwich match, not so much because of his performance (didn't see it to judge anyway) - but because of the comments re the penalty claim. This goes back to the discussions we've had re diving - I personally don't mind players getting out of the way of dodgy challenges - and if they genuinely lose their footing in the process, then I don't see that as a dive per se. Walker though appears to be condoning going down just because you're touched:

    '.... "I'm from up north. I'm not going to go down softly," Walker said when asked what he thought of Hughton's assertion he had "made a meal" of the challenge.

    "I thought I got a clip so I went down. It was a foul. The referee has awarded a penalty, or the linesman did. They were close enough to see it.

    "If I felt I was touched then I am going to go down. That's it."......'

    I hope AVB took him to one side and had a chat with him over that. That then to me IS diving.
    'I THOUGHT I got a clip.....if I felt I was touched then I am going to go down...' --- ??? No, no no.