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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Nov 3, 2012 17:43 Flag

    another awful performance

    Thanks for that...just read the match report on here, and now yours...sounds like we didn't show up. Not sure why it's still fairly early in the season, but something's missing in our play (we always play 4-4-2 ay home and as a result we put most visitors to the cosh...but it seems that AVB is erring on the side of conservatism, home and away, regardless of opponent...NOT GOOD.

    Well, I have to put it into perspective as I've just finished a 2 hour family intervention involving my son...a win would have made my disposition a little sunnier...but my kid getting the point of this life would do me much better...WIP (Work In Progress)...wish me luck.

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    • yes, avb has been fair too conservative especially at home.
      but even if he is stuck in his ways. he could always go more attacking when we need goals like today. but he didnt.
      just swapped ade for defoe. suprise suprise we didnt score without our top goalscorer on the pitch.

      awww sorry to hear that rambro. he is still young so has plenty of time to turn around his life. lets just hope the penny drops.

      my sibling was off the rails from about 14-25yrs old.
      then the penny dropped & turned the life completly around.

      all u can do is be their to support them.

      its all kicking off in the usa. we have that awful storm on the east coast. & also the election.

      from what little do i know, am i right in thinking obama means well but cant get what he wants done because they wont allow him to make the big changes he wants too?

      that mitt guy seems like a fruitloop!

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      • AVB needs to grow a pair and let the team play...we're basically an attacking team and that's usually based on a midfield with skill players in it (when was the last time anybody here can say we had a top-notch defense?). Yes we have speed, but you can't always depend on counter-attacks...its going to be a long season if this keeps up is all I can say.

        On the personal front, thanks for the words of hope. I was no shrinking violet myself, growing up, but a an older peer who was a bit of a "bad man" took me to task when he heard I had a brush with trouble...I'm hoping there's someone in my son's life that can get through to him the this guy got through to me.

        Superstorm Sandy came barrelling up the coast...I lost power here for a shortwhile...but luckily where I'm located while coastal has a series of "switchbacks" that protect land from any tidal flooding...a little further east of me, they weren't so lucky, and as you may have heard the NJ shore as we knew it simply does not exist anymore.
        The election...well, it's squeaky bum time again for me...if Romney gets it, he'll most definitely pull funding of federal infrastructure projects (I'm currently on one, and if you guys on here remember two years ago I had one snatched from under me, again due to a changing of the guard, that time at the state level (each state has its own governemnt that's set up in the same way the federal goverment is; congress and senate, with the Governor being the state equivalent of the President).
        In the federal governement the US Congress has a Republican majority while the Senate has Democrat majority. So bills and laws start with Congress either by the majority party or the minority party and to pass to the Senate a majority has to back the bill...with the Republicans hellbent on getting Obama out they've basically squashed just about everything he's tried to do (except right at the beginning when the Dems had both houses). So yes, his effectiveness has been severely muted by the opposition, and the only way to reverse that if he wins this election and its too close to say who, though I'm extremely worried about what I hear "in the street"...is that the dems a majority in both houses. Otherwise its 4 more years of static.

        (Anyone who knows more than me on this subject, feel free to chime in and correct me (also..please excuse the non-football nature of 3/4 of this post).