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  • Jlock Jlock Nov 4, 2012 09:15 Flag

    another awful performance

    I didn't think the performance was awful - not good, but not awful. I think if we had got a goal and the draw, the poor performance would have been glossed over again.

    Results flatter to deceive, and so far we've been 'lucky' this season with the results we have got from some poor'ish performances. Yesterday we played poorly and got the result the preformance warranted. But we are where we are. In a way it's a good thing, as we're sitting 5th without having played that well.

    Losses to Norwich and Wigan aren't the best preparation for heading into games against Woolwich and Citeh, and I had hoped that AVB would have got some of the 'flow' back, but we still seem to me to be a bit stilted to say the least.

    With a Europa game coming up and with Sandro and Gallas both looking like they got injuries yesterday, the squad may be tested even more. I though I read that Parker may be on the way back though - or was that wishful thinking?

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    • from the 'highlights', I thought we looked a total shambles...it's not as if we're even playing great and being unlucky, there is no Spurs rythm that we're renowned for...
      WTF is going to happen in January, are we going to continue paying those 2 misfits, Bentley and Gomes to do absolutely nothing!!! why keep them?!! clear their wages, get rid of Bentley for 2m and Gomes for 3m and use the 5m towards someone we actually rate or who cares about actually doing sometihng for his wage...Levy must know their value is dropping by the day...give them away if we have to, cancel their f*ckin contracts, I don't know...they don't give a damn about the club so treat them accordingly! angry