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  • Nick Nick Nov 5, 2012 12:10 Flag

    another awful performance

    lol oh dear Jabba,

    Having watched the game myself I have to say Spursbabe's post was bang on the money.

    AVB's job is to watch what is going wrong and right on the pitch and make correct decisions to adjust the team to perform at it's best capabilities on who is available to play.

    This he did not do and it was his poor decisions that cost us the game.

    I for one and very glad the ENTIRE crowd boo'd the decision to remove Defo as fingers crossed it will make AVB think about why they boo'd and maybe realise what a stupid decision is was.

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    • In defense of AVB, defoe hardly touched the ball in the sixty minutes he was on, and although he got very little service, was having no impact on the game. Like most, I would have left him on with Ade because he is the most likely to poach a goal, but we did still have two strikers on the pitch, when he pushed Dempsey more forward when siggy came on. I think until we get all our players back, we shouldnt be too hard on the manager, and realise he's on a learning curve at the club and is likely to make some bad calls in the minds of fans. A lot of people seem to have been influenced by what happened at Chelsea having read all the slagging off he got, without having no insight to what actually went on there, and deciding he must be rubbish, so are not prepared to give him a fair chance, and that doesnt help one bit. I know fans want something to get excited about, but from the very first minute, White Hart Lane was like a morgue, and it could be that atmosphere got to the players and made them wary. We should get behind the team from the start, and then if they hav'nt performed then let them know at the end, to boo them off at half time I dont think help's, because I dont think we have the type of players who will respond to negativity. At the end of the day we are 5th with a team lacking much MF creativity and four key first team players missing, so while the performances are not to good, we are well placed, so perhaps a little realism to the ability of some of the players we are having to use ( Livermore-Siggy-Townsend- Hudds IMO ) it could be said were over achieving.

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      • "In defense of AVB, defoe hardly touched the ball in the sixty minutes he was on"

        OK, so if he dropped back into mid filed to get involved who then would have been in front of goal to score??

        The problem was clear, no link to the striker from mid field (where Dempsey should have been)

        Personally I would have brought Ade on in place of Dempsey to give the little man someone to work with.

        Who knows if it would have worked or not BUT (and this is why I'm so mad at AVB) if it hadn't worked I could have at least know WHY the change was made and that it made some kind of sense.