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  • Nick Nick Nov 5, 2012 12:10 Flag

    another awful performance

    lol oh dear Jabba,

    Having watched the game myself I have to say Spursbabe's post was bang on the money.

    AVB's job is to watch what is going wrong and right on the pitch and make correct decisions to adjust the team to perform at it's best capabilities on who is available to play.

    This he did not do and it was his poor decisions that cost us the game.

    I for one and very glad the ENTIRE crowd boo'd the decision to remove Defo as fingers crossed it will make AVB think about why they boo'd and maybe realise what a stupid decision is was.

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    • 100% agree nick. whats the point in defoe dropping deep to take the ball off the midfielders & then just playing it back to them. id much rather he be making good runs & getting himself in the box.

      defoe had 1 bad game against the saints. all strikers have days where they dont have their shooting boots on.

      he had no service against wigan. it wouldnt matter who u put upfront if your not supplying them.

      avb messed up which was proven by the result. fact!

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      • SB,

        Don't you think that Ade played a lot better than Defoe? I do.

        When we play Defoe the midfielders need to get close to him to support him, that's why Lennon and Bale tend to come inside when playing with Daffy.

        When we play Ade up front the wingers can go wide, stretching defenses more and allowing more space for our CM's to join the attack.

        Currently AVB seems to want to play 1 upfront, hopefully he'll try both Ade and Defoe together, but that could cause problems with a lack of other options to rotate.

        Wigan can beat anyone on their day, Saturday was their day, lets not get too carried away with slagging a team who have had very little time together and are missing players due to injury.